70+ Remote Work Tools: Community sourced [2022]





Future of Work


Importance of remote work tools

The future of work will have a bigger focus on remote and asynchronous settings. As technology keeps improving, it will become easier for teams to work together and collaborate without being in the same place. 

Whether your team prefers to work from home, or you are in a global virtual team, shifting to a more asynchronous way of working is inevitable. 

By finding and implementing the right remote working software, companies and managers will be able to support their teams and work effectively, no matter where they are. 

Asynchronous work opens up the doors for enhanced efficiency, global talent, and real diversity while saving time and resources. It also allows remote workers more flexibility, personal freedom, ownership of their work and better work-life balance.

We collected more than 70 remote work tools that can be used in asynchronous or hybrid work settings. Whether you are looking for the perfect software to manage remote employees or the best collaboration tools for virtual teams, you’ll find it here!

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How to manage the asynchronicity

We compiled an exhaustive list of the best tools and apps for remote work used within teams all around the globe, and categorized them: 

Instant messaging tools 

Instant messaging tools have become an essential part of remote work for many teams. They provide a quick and easy way for team members to communicate with each other without the need for everyone to be online at the same time. 

This is especially useful for teams that are in different time zones. They can communicate and collaborate without worrying about scheduling meetings or waiting for someone in a different time zone to respond. 

Instant messaging apps often have features like file sharing and collaboration tools too. This makes it easier for team members to work together on projects and share information in real-time.

Let’s see the most common instant messaging apps used in asynchronous teams!

1. Rock

Messaging plus tasks and all your favorite apps. Rock is the fastest way to start working with anyone. With messaging and tasks in the same space, work becomes more streamlined and organized.

2. Slack

Slack is a team communication and collaboration platform that allows users to communicate and share files in real-time.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate messaging app for your organization—a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing, and even the occasional emoji! All in one place, all in the open, all accessible to everyone.

4. Mattermost

Mattermost is an open-source, self-hostable online chat service with file sharing, search, and integrations. It is designed as an internal chat for organizations and companies, and mostly markets itself as an open-source alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams.

5. Google Hangouts

Use Google Hangouts to keep in touch with one person or a group. Available on mobile or on desktop, start making video or voice calls today.

6. RingCentral

RingCentral simplifies communications so you can connect with your teams from anywhere in the world. We do this by making it easy to set up, use, and manage your communications—all in one app. We unify calling, messaging, and meeting with employees, customers, and everyone in between.

Want to check out more messaging tools or go further in depth in the definitions? Check out our community where teams share their best tips and practices! 

Project management tools

Project management tools provide a central platform for organizing, tracking, and managing team projects and tasks. 

This helps remote teams to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals, even if they are not physically in the same location. 

Remote work project management tools usually include features like task assignments, deadlines, and progress tracking. These help keep team members organized and on track. 

Many project management tools also have collaboration features like file sharing and discussion forums. These make it easier for team members to communicate and work together on projects.

Some project management tools, such as Rock, have integrations available that make them suitable for full project management. Think of task management, instant messaging, time tracking, note-taking, knowledge sharing, and other functions. 

If your team is looking for an all-encompassing solution, we suggest taking a look at Rock! 

In addition to Rock, here are some of the best project management tools your team can also consider: 

7. Trello

 A project management and collaboration app that allows users to organize and track their work in flexible and customizable boards.

8. Asana

Asana is a project management and collaboration tool that helps teams organize, track, and manage their work.

9. Basecamp

Basecamp is a real-time communication tool that helps teams stay on the same page; it's less for traditional project management tasks (e.g., resource planning and long-term scheduling

10. Monday.com 

Monday.com is a powerful project management system — a complete Work OS designed to help your team complete projects efficiently, collaborate effectively, and grow online.

11. JIRA

Jira helps teams plan, assign, track, report, and manage work and brings teams together for everything from agile software development and customer support to start-ups and enterprises. Software teams build better with Jira Software, the #1 tool for agile teams.

12. Flowdock 

Flowdock helps your teams get visibility into the work so they can get things done using a single, shared dashboard. See, notify and respond with team chat and group inbox, on our secure infrastructure and 80+ integrations to connect you to the apps you use most.

13. Smartsheet 

Smartsheet is a software as a service offering for 

collaboration and work management, developed and marketed by Smartsheet Inc. It is used to assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents, and manage other work, using a tabular user interface.

14. SharePoint

 Sharepoint is a website-based collaboration system that uses workflow applications, “list” databases, and other web parts and security features to empower business teams to work together.

15. Nozbe: 

Nozbe helps you concentrate on calm, deep work every day, at any given time – all thanks to our revolutionary task-based communication. Simply create projects and populate them with tasks. Set due dates and keep track of all the necessary info and files in comments. Once you're done with a task, check it off. 

16. Proofhub:

ProofHub is a central platform for all project-related needs like tasks, teams, communication, files, resources, and more. It puts teams in control of their work processes and helps them focus on their goals and the things that matter most. 

17. Redbooth:

Redbooth features task management, collaboration, file sharing, time tracking, Gantt charts, Outlook integration and real-time communication through video conferencing and reporting.

18. Microsoft Project 

Microsoft Project is a project management software product, developed and sold by Microsoft. It is designed to assist a project manager in developing a schedule, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.

19. ClickUp 

All-in-one productivity tool built for teams of all types across any industry. You can plan, track, and collaborate on any project, build the perfect workflow for you and your team, create marketing campaigns, manage development sprints, and more all in one platform.

20. Wrike 

At its core, Wrike is an easy-to-use tool for streamlining the internal project management and collaboration processes between team members, whether they're in the same office or separated by an ocean.

21. ProjectManager.com 

ProjectManager.com is an online project management software which is a scalable software as a service (SaaS) for business managers and teams. 

 22. Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a work management platform for enterprises looking to strategically prioritize, assign, and complete projects with speed, at any scale. With its central dashboard, you can quickly launch projects by seeing available resources and using templates and automations to assign tasks.

 23. MeisterTask 

Flexible project management app that scales from personal project tracking to a full-blown project management tool for a large team. It's based on the Kanban task management system, but it can be adapted and customized based on the needs of your project or company.

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Time tracking and productivity tools

Time tracking and productivity tools provide a way to measure and improve the productivity of team members. Productivity tools, on the other hand, can help team members to stay focused and avoid distractions, which can also improve their overall productivity. 

This is particularly important for remote teams because it can be difficult to gauge the productivity of team members who are not working in the same location without remote employee time tracking tools. 

These tools allow team members to track the amount of time they spend on each task or project, which can help to identify areas where they may be spending too much time or where they may be able to improve their efficiency. 

Some of the most common remote employee time tracking softwares: 

24. Toggl 

Toggl Track is a time tracking software that offers online time tracking and reporting services through their website along with mobile and desktop applications. Toggl Track tracks time blocks, optionally labeled with a task, a project, and tags. 

25. Rock time tracker 

The Rock Time Tracker is a tool that allows users to track the amount of time they spend on individual tasks. Time tracking can be enabled within individual tasks by pressing the time tracking icon in the top of the task description. The time tracker panel provides information on the user's own time tracking activities, including total time spent, tasks in progress, and tasks completed. 

26. RescueTime

RescueTime is an app you install on your computer and mobile devices that automatically pays attention to the apps you use, which files you open, and what websites you visit. It logs how much time you spend in each of them.

27. Clockify 

Clockify is a cloud-based platform, so users can log their hours using a web browser or the mobile app. If certain settings permit, employees can even manually enter their hours, which can be beneficial to workers who travel among locations.

28. Time Doctor

Time Doctor monitors web and app usage when working. If it detects excess time on YouTube, Facebook, or personal/non-work related sites, it alerts the user with a popup. It also sends an alert when the computer sits idle for too long during working hours.

29. Pocket

Pocket, previously known as Read It Later, is a social bookmarking service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks.

Join our online community to learn about the best time tracking and productivity tools for remote teams. With our expert advice and tips, you'll be able to stay focused and avoid distractions, helping you and your team work efficiently and effectively. 

Document collaboration and editing tools

Document collaboration and editing tools enable team members to work together on the same document in real-time, regardless of location. 

Features such as version control and simultaneous editing help to speed up the document creation process and avoid conflicts. 

These tools facilitate communication and collaboration, essential for the success of any team.

30. Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google, which also includes: Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites and Google Keep.

31. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is an online document workspace, where you can organize and display text, media, and files all in one place. Paper lets you easily collaborate with others and access your Paper docs from anywhere.

32. Quip

Quip is a unified online workspace where everyone that you invite can create and edit documents together. The service also has tools for communicating in real-time, including in-app chat. You can choose between a variety of file types, including word processing documents, spreadsheets, and slideshow presentations.

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Video conferencing tools 

Video conferencing tools enable team members to have face-to-face meetings, regardless of location. 

Features such as screen sharing and document collaboration facilitate communication and collaboration. 

These tools are important for maintaining a sense of connection and improving the success of any remote team.

33. Google Meet

Google Meet is a video-communication service developed by Google. It is one of two apps that constitute the replacement for Google Hangouts, the other being Google Chat.

34. BlueJeans

BlueJeans provides interoperable cloud-based video conferencing services. Easily and securely hold live online meetings, webinars, and video calls.

Accessibility Features: While other platforms, like Zoom, require third-party apps for accessibility features, BlueJeans has closed captioning and other accessibility tools built in. Its transcription and captioning mean you don't need to manually caption your meeting.

35. Webex

WebEx is a multi-functional desktop Video/Audio Conference call application. Webex supports file transfers and removal of attendees from a meeting while Zoom has a one-touch feature to join or start a meeting and allows for watermarks and waiting rooms for added security.

36. Zoom

Zoom is a popular video conferencing tool used for virtual meetings and conferences. It offers high-definition video and audio, screen sharing, and the ability to record meetings. It is available as a desktop app and mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Zoom is commonly used for remote meetings and webinars.

37. Skype

Skype is a popular communication tool for voice and video calls, instant messages, and file sharing. It offers high-definition video and audio, screen sharing, and the ability to have group calls with up to 50 people. It is available as a desktop app and mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Skype is commonly used for remote meetings and conference calls. It is a popular choice for teams because of its versatility and global connectivity.

38. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts allows users to have real-time conversations and share files. It offers a range of features, including video and audio calling, instant messaging, and the ability to have group conversations with up to 150 people.

Google Hangouts is commonly used for remote meetings, collaboration on projects, and other forms of online communication.

39. GoTo Meeting 

GoTo Meeting is a web conferencing software by GoTo. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software package that enables the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients, or colleagues via the Internet in real time.

Check out our online community to learn about the best tools for video conferencing and remote meetings. With our expert advice and tips, you'll be able to maintain a sense of connection with your team and improve the success of your remote work setting. Sign up here!

Task and to-do list tools 

Task and to-do list tools allow individuals and teams to organize, prioritize, and track tasks and responsibilities. Task management tools are more focused on individual responsibilities, while the project management tools are more suitable for teams and departments. To-do list tools are also especially useful for freelancers and for those working with them.

Features such as task assignment and progress tracking help to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals, while collaboration features facilitate communication and organization. 

Task and to-do list tools are an important tool for remote teams because they help to keep everyone on track and ensure that important tasks are not overlooked.

40. Rock:

Rock can easily help you stay on track with your tasks through its in-built task management system, that allows users to assign tasks within workspaces and the dashboard where all tasks can be viewed organized with labels, deadlines, topics, members, etc. 

41. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk allows users to create multiple task lists. Added tasks can be edited (or not) to include various fields, locations can be added, and an integrated Google Maps feature allows users to save commonly used locations. Tasks can also be organized by tags.

42. Any.do

Any.do is a productivity platform aimed at task and project management. It is available on mobile, web, and wearables with built-in integrations including calendars and virtual assistants.

43. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a discontinued cloud-based task management application. It allowed users to create lists to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet, computer and smartwatch.

44. Todoist

Todoist is a tool to keep track of professional and personal projects and tasks, make lists, collaborate at work, and keep track of responsibilities.

45. Microsoft To Do

A simple and intelligent to-do list that helps you manage all your tasks in one place. You can work through your tasks for the day in My Day and create any number of additional lists to organize your work, groceries, travel, shopping, movies to watch - you get the idea!

46. Habitica

Habitica is the perfect task management app for people who love games. The gamified interface makes managing your tasks fun, with virtual rewards for completing them and penalties for not doing so. 

47. Producteev

Producteev is a task management application for organizing and prioritizing activities as an individual or as part of a team. Producteev by Jive is a web, desktop and mobile app to assist individuals and teams in managing their tasks and activities. But, it's not suitable for people who aren't much into games and prefer a more formal structure.

48. Omnifocus

OmniFocus is a personal task manager by the Omni Group for macOS and iOS. The declared goal of the program is to be able to capture thoughts and ideas into to do lists. The program uses concepts and techniques described in the book and productivity system called Getting Things Done by David Allen.

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Knowledge management and sharing tools 

Documentation is a crucial aspect of functional remote teams. Members of virtual teams rely on particular behaviors that are only appropriate in virtual environments to judge someone's reliability and make up for the absence of physically observed behaviors. 

Knowledge sharing is a critical behavior that members of virtual teams can look out for and rely on to develop trust within their team.

49. Confluence

The team workspace Confluence is where knowledge and cooperation come together. Your team may create, record, and participate on any project or concept using dynamic pages.

50. Notion

Notion is one of the most popular and flexible tools. It's an all-in-one productivity solution and it's simply one of the best tools I've ever used. Notion is incredibly flexible. It can be a writing repository, task management software, a workout calendar, a database, and so much more.

51. Tettra

Tettra is knowledge base software that organizes scattered company information to answer your team's repetitive questions right in Slack or MS Teams.

52. Loom

Loom is a solution for video messaging that assists you in communicating through immediately shareable videos. You can make screen recordings on your desktop, microphone, and camera using Loom. Your videos will be instantly shareable. 

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Note-taking tools 

Note-taking tools are useful when working remotely because they provide a way for individuals and teams to capture, organize, and share ideas, thoughts, and information.  

Note-taking tools are essential for remote teams to organize and centralize discussions and ideas. These tools help ensure important information is not lost and that all team members have access to updates.

53. Evernote

Evernote gives you everything you need to keep life organized—great note taking, project planning, and easy ways to find what you need, when you need it.

54. OneNote

OneNote is a digital notebook that automatically saves and syncs your notes as you work. Type information in your notebook or insert it from other apps and web pages. Take handwritten notes or draw your ideas.

55. Bear

Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. Quick, easy setup will have you taking notes and using features in no time, and the clean user interface helps keep clutter at bay

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File sharing and storage tools 

File sharing and storage tools are used to store, organize, and share files and digital content. 

Features such as access control and version control help to ensure that team members have the right level of access to files and that important files are not lost or overwritten. 

File sharing and storage tools facilitate communication, collaboration, and organization, which are all key to the success of any remote team.

56. Google Drive

Google Drive allows users to store, access, and share files from any device with an internet connection. Features include offline access, file sharing, and integration with other Google tools. It is available as a web-based app and mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Google Drive is commonly used for file storage and collaboration on projects. It is popular for its convenience and integration with other Google tools.

57. Dropbox

Dropbox allows users to access and share their files from any device with an internet connection. It offers features such as offline access, file sharing, and integration with other tools and services. Dropbox is available as a web-based app and mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

It is mostly used for file storage and collaboration on projects and is known for its convenience and cross-platform compatibility.

58. OneDrive

OneDrive allows users to store, access, and share files from any device with an internet connection. Features include offline access, file sharing, and integration with other Microsoft tools.

OneDrive is commonly used for file storage and collaboration on projects and is popular for its convenience and integration with other Microsoft tools.

Join our online community to learn about the best file sharing and storage tools for remote teams. Sign up now to improve your remote work experience and stay on top of your team's files and projects!

Password management tools 

Password management tools are important when working remotely in teams because they provide a secure and convenient way to manage and share passwords. 

Password management tools allow team members to store and access their passwords in a secure, centralized location, which can help to ensure that everyone has access to the systems and accounts they need. 

Many password management tools also include features such as password generation and sharing, which can make it easier for teams to securely share passwords and access the systems and accounts they need. 

59. LastPass

LastPass is a freemium password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. The standard version of LastPass comes with a web interface, but also includes plugins for various web browsers and apps for many smartphones.

60. 1Password

1Password is safe, has all the must-have features and provides so much more than just password management. While it's a pity there's no free version, the added functionalities of vault organization, Privacy cards, Travel Mode and more make it a very robust option.

61. Dashlane

Built for individuals who want to secure and optimize their online lives. Dashlane makes it effortless for you to access your passwords, payment information, and IDs anywhere you are, across any device.

Keep your team's passwords secure and accessible, ensuring that everyone has access to the systems and accounts they need. Sign up now to start improving your remote work experience and ensuring the security of your team's information! 

Calendar and scheduling tools

Calendar and scheduling tools are used by individuals and teams to organize and manage their schedules and appointments. 

Calendar and scheduling tools help manage events, meetings, and deadlines, especially for remote teams without access to physical calendars or scheduling systems. These tools often have features such as calendar sharing, meeting scheduling, and reminder settings. These help keep team members informed and on the same schedule.

Overall, calendar and scheduling tools are an essential tool for remote teams. They facilitate communication, collaboration, and organization, which are all key to success.

62. Google Calendar

A calendar and scheduling tool to create, organize, and manage their calendars and appointments from any device. Google Calendar offers a range of features, including the ability to create multiple calendars, invite others to events, and set reminders.

63. Calendly

Calendly is your scheduling automation platform for eliminating the back-and-forth emails for finding the perfect time — and so much more.

64. Acuity Scheduling

Squarespace Scheduling lets users automate appointment bookings by offering a real-time view of their own time available. It has the capability to automatically sync calendars according to users' time zones and can send regular alerts and reminders to users regarding their appointment schedules.

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Brainstorming and idea generation tools 

There are many tools that can be used for brainstorming and idea generation in remote work settings, such as collaborative whiteboard tools. They can boost creativity, share ideas with members and organize thoughts regarding new ventures. 

Here are some of the most popular choices: 

65. Miro

Miro is a whiteboarding platform that helps teams collaborate on a variety of tasks. These include brainstorming, workshopping, strategy mapping, agile ceremonies, UX research and design, product development, customer discovery, and process visualization.

66. Stormboard

Stormboard is a shared workspace and whiteboard app designed to transform the way you work from large meetings and multi-department projects to individual tasks and daily work.

67. Mural

MURAL is a virtual tool that enables innovative teams to collaborate visually and brainstorm solutions to their problems or challenges. Being able to create simple but comprehensive diagrams and throw ideas down in a virtual, collaborative space are some of the top reasons innovative teams cite loving this tool.

68. XMind

Xmind is a mind mapping and brainstorming tool that allows users to create visual diagrams that show the relationships between ideas and concepts. It is used by individuals and teams around the world to organize and communicate complex information.

Xmind offers a range of features, including the ability to create and customize mind maps, add notes and images, and share maps with others.

69. MindMeister

MindMeister is an online collaborative, knowledge-based mind mapping tool that students can use to understand and make connections between concepts, ideas, and information. Mind maps help users collect ideas and facts based on a given topic.

70. Cacoo

Cacoo is a user-friendly online drawing tool that allows you to create a variety of diagrams such as site maps, wire frames, UML and network charts. Cacoo can be used free of charge. Cacoo makes Real-Time Collaboration a reality! A diagram created with Cacoo can be edited by multiple people at the same time.

Join our community and discover the true power of mind mapping and diagramming tools! Share your tips, tricks, and experiences with other remote workers, and learn from their insights and expertise. Sign up here! 

Survey and feedback tools

Survey and feedback tools are used by teams to collect and analyze feedback from team members, customers, or other stakeholders. These tools provide a way for teams to gather information, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions. 

71. SurveyMonkey

Easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls for any audience. Gather feedback via weblink, email, mobile chat, social media, and more. Automatically analyze your results and get powerful analysis features. Export your results or integrate your data with your favorite apps.

72. Typeform

Typeform makes collecting and sharing information comfortable and conversational. It's a web based platform you can use to create anything from surveys to apps, without needing to write a single line of code.

73. Google Forms

With Google Forms, you can create and analyze surveys right in your mobile or web browser—no special software required. You get instant results as they come in. And, you can summarize survey results at a glance with charts and graphs.

Get support, advice, and inspiration from other users, and discover new ways to use these tools to collect and analyze feedback. Join our community here!

Presentation tools

Presentation tools are used  to communicate ideas, share information, and collaborate on projects. Presentation tools often include features such as: the ability to add text, images, and animations, as well as the ability to collaborate on the same presentation in real-time. 

This allows team members to work together on presentations, even when they are not in the same location. Presentation tools often have features for sharing presentations online or presenting remotely, which helps remote teams present to other teams, clients, or stakeholders.

Overall, presentation tools provide a powerful way to communicate and collaborate on ideas and information.

74. Google Slides

Google Slides is a presentation tool that is part of the Google suite of tools. It allows users to create, edit, and share presentations from any device with an internet connection.

Google Slides offers a range of features, including the ability to add text, images, and animations, as well as the ability to collaborate on the same presentation in real-time.

75. Prezi

Prezi is a multimedia presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional slide making programs. Instead of slides, Prezi makes use of one large canvas that allows for panning and zooming to various parts of the canvas to emphasize the ideas presented there.

76. Canva

Users of Canva for Teams (and Canva Pro) have the option to create a brand kit that stores all of your important colors, fonts, and logos in one location. With the help of this function, every member of your team can use the precise guidelines of the brand kit folder when developing their designs in Canva.

77. PowerPoint

A slideshow program, part of the Microsoft Suite. Slides are used in the program to provide multimedia-rich information. A killer feature is that anyone can “Take control” of presenting the deck seamlessly. 

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Social workspace tools

Creating a sense of connection becomes even more important in remote teams. Without a physical office, many social aspects may be lost without conscious effort. Here are two programs that can make work a more social experience for teams: 

78. Sococo

Sococo is where dispersed teams may come to collaborate daily. Regardless of where the team members may be. By combining all of the video conferencing capabilities in one location, Sococo creates an online classroom or office-like virtual space where users can navigate between rooms. 

79. Workplace

A Facebook-designed platform for business communication. It almost qualifies as "social media for business." Teams may connect, share knowledge, and work together using Workplace. Workplace's social media network has news feeds and personal pages, just like Facebook.

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Wait… So what do teams use Rock for?

Rock can be used to build a community, manage your next project, work with freelancers and partners, or anything else that requires messaging and/or project management functionality. 

Rock currently offers the following remote work features:

  • Instant messaging
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Note-taking
  • File sharing 
  • Time tracking

And so much more! 

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