TEAMS: Managing PRO Spaces

November 22, 2022

10 min read

20 PRO spaces get added to the TEAMS plan for each additional manager you purchase. Each active manager can upgrade as many spaces to PRO within your overall TEAMS quota.You can use the 'TEAMS Plan' panel to downgrade spaces, add new team managers and remove existing team managers from your plan. This way you know where your PRO features are implemented and who has access to creating new ones.Once the domain has been claimed you can upgrade users in your domain to manager in the TEAMS plan panel. Note that a user needs to be a member of your domain to be upgraded, else they will not appear. You can currently not add users outside of your domain to the panel.

Once upgraded to manager, users can up- and downgrade spaces. Note that only spaces that managers have upgraded will be visible in their panel whereas the purchasing manager can see all spaces with PRO under the plan.Questions about the TEAMS plan? You are always welcome to mail us at or leave us a message in the Rock Customer Support space.

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