TEAMS: Member Management

November 22, 2022

10 min read

The TEAMS plan allows managers to manage the different users and PRO spaces created under your subscription. This dedicated product guide will learn more about managing your users under the TEAMS plan.Once you have claimed your domain, you can more easily manage the different members of your team. Members who sign up for Rock under your claimed domain will join your team.As a domain admin, you can manage users within your domain. We’ll explore those options in this guide.Accessing the panels is easy; you only need to access the Settings menu by clicking on your profile photo on the upper left-hand side of the app and then clicking on “Settings.”

Domain admin panel

The domain admin panel has two parts: the Members and Admins.

Members panel

The members panel will list all members of TEAMS plan.

From here, you can set whether a member will be a manager of your TEAMS plan.

Note: Make sure to upgrade a user to the manager before promoting them to admin, as the panel won't appear elsewhere.You’ll also have the option to look at a member’s profile, chat (open a 1:1 space) with the user, add the user to spaces, suspend the user, or remove the user from your domain.

Suspending users will deny the user access to Rock. Sent messages and files will remain, but the user won't be able to access Rock until unsuspended. This way, you can more easily safeguard information when team members leave your organization.On the other hand, deleting a user will permanently remove a user from your domain. Messages and files will remain, but the overall account will be terminated.The members panel will also allow you to see information like:

  • When the user was last active
  • When the account was created.

Members can also be sorted on the information above (ex: sort users from newest to oldest or from most recently active to less active.)In addition, there is also an option to filter users (e.g. to show only suspended users, managers, domain admins, members) and an option to search users by name in the search field.

Admins panel

The admin's panel will list all the admins of your TEAMS plan.

You also can revoke admin rights to a user here.

TEAMS plan panel

The TEAMS plan panel will let you see your domain's PRO spaces and manager slots.You can add TEAM managers using the TEAM Managers dropdown menu.

Alternatively, you can remove certain members as managers by hovering over their names and clicking on the Remove button.

If you have more questions on managing members on a TEAMS plan or anything regarding Rock’s features, feel free to contact us through the Rock Support and Updates space.

Frequently Asked Questions on TEAMS Member Management

What is the difference between Purchaser, Manager, and Admin?

The purchaser is the person who buys the TEAMS plan. They can use all the TEAMS features, claim domain, and appoint managers. This is basically like a “superadmin” role. Purchasers can see all PRO spaces - even those upgraded by managers. They also have the power to downgrade spaces that they have not upgraded to PRO.Managers are assigned the Purchases to help them manage the TEAMS plan. They can create PRO spaces, upgrade spaces to PRO, create Team Workspaces, and use all PRO features. Admins can help manage domain users through the domain admin panel (suspend and promote users, promote users to admin.).

What happens when we run out of Manager slots? Can we get more?

If you run out of manager slots, we recommend switching to a higher TEAMS plan or buying an addon that adds 1 more manager slot to your plan.

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