Our team

Rock is a distributed-first company that is headquartered in San Francisco. The team is currently spread across 10 countries and 7 timezones and is led by Kenzo Fong, who previously helped build Google Maps, Android and Uber Eats.

Our team has worked at companies like Google, Uber, Bytedance and Nauto and has extensive experience working in globally distributed organizations.

Rock is venture-backed by investors such as Section 32 and angels such as Manik Gupta (Microsoft VP for Teams Consumer, former Uber Chief Product Officer), Aadil Mamujee (former Head of Product at Automattic/WordPress.com) and Marc Vanlerberghe (ex-Google VP and former CMO of Medallia).

Our vision

Building a productivity platform for distributed teams

We’ve come a long way since the bulky personal computer and office software that you needed to load from a disk.

With everything moving to the cloud there has been an explosion of productivity apps.

These tools are either synchronous (like Slack or Zoom) or asynchronous (like Trello or Asana) and don’t really work well together.

As a result you need to constantly switch between apps for messaging, managing tasks or editing documents which gets in the way of productivity.

Because of this most communication still tends to happen real-time (i.e. messaging & video calls) which leads to more distractions, more meetings and longer work hours.

In a world where a lot of us are working remote, we believe teams should shift towards a more multi-modal way of collaboration.

Rock makes this easier by combining messaging and video calls with tasks, notes and files mini-apps and makes these available in one space.

With Rock, we’re on a mission to empower anyone to work from anywhere. Doing this gives you more control over your workday, makes you more productive while reserving meetings for the most important things.

Rock will be extended with other sync & async mini-apps so you can pick and choose how you work with your team. We also play nice with other tools you already use such as Google Drive and Zoom and are working on many other integrations.

With the right tools and mindset, working with your team then becomes more like a relay race.

Everybody knows what’s going on, you can pick things up when you’re ready and work happens in a state of flow.

This is where Rock comes in. And we’re just getting started.

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