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Stop slacking, start rocking. Rock puts messaging together with everything else you need for an all-in-one team chat — tasks, notes, files, topics and meetings.
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Slack alternative with multiple spaces and chat interface showing recent messages

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Rock competitor slack logo
Rock competitor slack logo

One simple plan that includes everything. Unlimited collaborators, projects, tasks, and advanced functionality so you can control your costs while getting more done.

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Join thousands of teams in 170+ countries using Rock today!

We were looking for something which could give us a combination of features that could replace Trello and Slack. We did some googling and v​​oilà - we found Rock and have been using it ever since. That was almost one and a half years ago.

Maximilian Helldörfer
Founder and Creative Director at New Aesthethics
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Stop slacking, start rocking

With messaging and tasks in the same space, work becomes more streamlined and organized.

Rock competitor slack logo




Tasks mini-app

Time tracker

Kanban boards

Tasks calendar view

Task comments

Attach cloud files to tasks

Notes mini-app

@Mention tasks, notes & files

Tap to Organize messages into tasks

Comments in notes

Loom integration

Flat pricing

Messaging + Tasks
in one place

No more switching between tabs to access information

Work with anyone

Drop the email threads and third-party messengers. Invite clients, freelancers or other external collaborators to your next project.

Users from different organisations being shown over chat in Rock.

All-in-one functionality

Your software stack becomes streamlined when complete projects are managed in one place.

Work with clients, vendors, and freelancers in one space

Run any project on Rock, work together within seconds and stop switching between different apps to get work done.

Safe and easy access to your project files

Share folders and files from external platforms within tasks or the Files mini-app. Access information from Google Drive, Smartsheet, OneDrive, Dropbox, and many others. Collaborate with your team, clients, freelancers, or external partners.

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Ready to switch? Import in 3 steps

All your group workspaces, messages and other communications from Slack moved into Rock within seconds.

First step to import from Slack to Rock
Step 1

Export all your workspace data from Slack. Make sure email display is on.

Second step to import from slack: upload a file
Step 2

Upload the zip file to Rock using the Import menu in Profile > Import. Make sure to include team invites!

Third step to import from Slack: completed import
Step 3

Ready! All group spaces and messages are migrated and your team is automatically invited to Rock.

Questions & answers

What makes Rock the best slack alternative?

We aren’t one of the most popular free Slack alternatives for no reason! All-in-one message functionality on Rock means you can also use tasks, notes and topics to communicate with your team. Rock provides full-fledged project management so you can pick and choose how to collaborate.

Does Rock have automations like Slack?

Yes, you can add Zapier, Github, Rollbar and Sentry bots to Rock under the Unlimited plan. This way you can push information in the form of messages, tasks or notes into your spaces.

Can I really work with anyone on Rock?

Yes, Rock allows you to invite anyone, both in- and outside of your team to spaces. This includes freelancers, partners, volunteers, clients or anyone else you want to chat with in one place.

Is Rock simple to use?

Your spaces can be as simple or complex as your team requires them to be. One of the great things about switching to Rock is that it offers basic functionality across mini-apps that is straightforward and simple to learn. Advanced features are available for teams that need more complexity, but are not required to get started.

What is the best Slack alternative?

Rock is the best Slack alternative. Teams are able to get work done and discuss with tasks and messages on the same platform. This free Slack alternative allows you to collaborate with everyone and combine project management functionality with your day-to-day conversations.

What kind of teams use Rock?

Teams of different sizes use Rock for a wide variety of different projects. A wide offering of features makes it easy for marketing, engineering, HR and customer success teams alike to collaborate on the same platform.

Is importing to Rock from Slack free?

Yes, you can import your slack workspace into Rock for free. This way you don’t lose any past conversations during your migration. Search even past the last 10,000 messages in a space for free.

Is Rock a secure alternative to Slack?

If your enterprise is looking to replace Slack, free alternatives aren’t always secure. We encrypt all communication between client software and our servers (“in transit”) with industry-standard TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 security protocols. The communication between our servers and other external systems is also TLSv1.3-encrypted.

What makes Rock better than other tools?

Rock makes it easy to start collaborating with anyone in- and outside of your team. Once you create a new space you can start collaborating with project management and communication functionality.

Is there a free alternative to Slack?

Yes, Rock is a free alternative to Slack! Get started today and start messaging with your team using a Slack alternative, free of charge!