Icon tasks mini-app in Rock

Full-fledged messaging in every space

Discuss anything with team members, clients, freelancers, and others with chat and topics.

Kanban board with task cards highlighting three different lists: backlog, in progress and awaiting reviewTasks mini-app list view example on mobile displaying multiple open activities

Unlimited messaging that just works

Share information, stay updated, and keep discussions engaging. Work with anyone and everyone, all for free.

Unlimited Messages

Send as many messages as your want and create unlimited 1:1 spaces to collaborate.

Talk about anything and share images, videos, gifs and files in every space.

Work across organizations

Add collaborators from other companies, agencies, or freelancers to the same space.

Create new group spaces and keep everyone on the same page.

Users from different organisations being shown over chat in Rock.

Mention anything

No more endless link sharing. Seamlessly discuss a task, note, person, file or space with @mentions.

All you need to do is type @task: @Note: @Attachment: @Space: and select the relevant object you want to discuss.

Enhanced messaging

Elevate your conversations with a feature-rich chat in every project space.

Audio messages

Sometimes it’s just easier to say what you mean. Send audio messages from mobile and web and speed up


Use polls for anything from deciding on marketing taglines to figuring out what to do for next week’s happy hour.


Leave reactions on messages to give a quick 👍 or show your ♥️. Express yourself with over 200+ different emojis.

Space Search

Search for any task, note, file or message with advanced search functionality in every space.

Schedule messages

Schedule communications in your PRO spaces. Set reminders, updates or announcements to be released at a set time.


Pin important announcements in PRO spaces. You can also make tasks, notes, files and links easily accessible to everyone.

Organized & actionable discussions

Document your discussions, make conversations actionable and reduce the noise with a set of unique features.

Topics mini-app

Create new topics to follow and document important sub-conversations. Less notifications and better documentation, always at hand.

Move messages over to reduce the noise in your space. Move existing threads into topics with Tap to Organize.

Import panel to migrate tasks from Trello, Asana, Jira, ClickUp or CSV

Tap to Organize

Make your discussions more actionable by easily adding them to relevant tasks or notes or topics.

Move messages to tasks, notes or comments by double tapping on mobile or selecting the circle on web and desktop.

Task management card describing a social media strategy activity in a content space

Set Aside

With Set Aside, you can create a list of items you need to return to when you have time.

Don’t quite have a reply yet? Set aside any message, task or note and get to it later on.

Example of label functionality: search or add up to 100 labels

Rock is our primary working tool for our entirely remotely working team. Plus the user experience has been top notch.

Devanshu V.
UX/Creative Designer, Shiny Inc
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Take your messages anywhere

Stay on top of your work. Bring your conversations with you and quickly leave a response, send an audio message or leave a reaction —wherever you are.

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Questions & answers

Can I search for unlimited chat messages?

Rock searches through all your messages. Not just the most recent 3 months. Find back conversations, files and other important information in every project space for free.

Is it possible to send messages to people outside of my team?

Invite partners, freelancers, clients and other third parties to your Rock spaces and exchange messages without limits.

All the functionality is available to users both in and outside of your organization that are invited to project spaces.

Can I use just messages?

Rock allows you to pick and choose how to communicate. You can use only the chat functionality if you wish to do so.

When ready or needed, you can use the Tasks, Notes, Meetings and Files mini-apps to further organize your work.

Can I also build communities on Rock?

Invite anyone to Rock and discuss anything from open source projects to building in public or shared interest communities.

Everyone is welcome, invite anyone to join the discussion!

Is Rock a messaging app?

We provide all-in-one messaging functionality. This means that in addition to the chat, you can also access a full-fledged project management system. This includes tasks, notes, files, topics and so much more!

Is the chat on Rock secure?

We encrypt all communication between client software and our servers (“in transit”) with industry-standard TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 security protocols. The communication between our servers and other external systems is also TLSv1.3-encrypted.

Is Rock really a free chat app?

You can exchange messages completely for free. Invite your team, clients or freelancers to work on any kind of project.

It is also possible to manage general team conversations, informal watercooler discussions or announcements on a Rock space.

Who uses Rock for messaging?

Rock is a popular messaging solution for teams that are looking to freely collaborate with anyone.

The all-in-one solution allows teams to pick and choose how to communicate in every project space.

Do I have to pay per user on Rock?

No, paid plans are not user-based. This makes Rock a great solution for growing teams, those that involve a large number of stakeholders or users that are looking to build communities.

Sign up for free and start chatting and collaborating with anyone.

How does pricing work on Rock?

Pricing on Rock works based on upgraded spaces and advanced member and space management.

The unlimited plan unlocks additional functionality that makes it easier to get work done and automate your project management.