Capture important information with the Notes mini-app

From meeting minutes to project information, anything can be added to the built-in free notepad.

All your noteworthy information in one place

Free notepad functionality is built into Rock and integrates with everything else

A notepad in every space

Create new notes from the chat panel, Notes mini-app or My Notes Panel. Easily accessible by anyone in a space.

Edit notes to your needs

Use the rich text editor to structure, highlight and showcase information. Attach cloud files from Google Drive, Dropbox and others to quickly access and connect larger documents.

Manage all your notes

A complete knowledge base for free with My Notes. Edit, remove or create new notes with a dedicated panel that highlights notes across spaces.

Pair with Set Aside

Move notes to the Set Aside panel if you need to follow up or edit later on. This dedicated panel stores notes, messages, tasks and files so you can quickly access information across spaces.

Get started quickly

Rock brings together messaging, tasks, notes, files, and all your favorite apps, so you get valuable time back to get work done.

Mention any note

Just how you can @mention a person, you can also @mention any note in the chat or comments (e.g @note:1). Access any note without having to search with direct link functionality in every @mention.

Tap to Organize

Select a string of messages and convert them into a dedicated note or comments in already existing notes with Tap to Organize. No more copy and pasting or endless scrolling with important chat messages stored in the notepad.

Discuss with comments

Every note comes with a comment section so you can seamlessly keep note related discussions at hand. Provide updates, discuss note information and manage your noteworthy information without leaving the mini-app.

Take your notes anywhere

Stay on top of your notes even when you’re away from your computer. Bring your notes with you and quickly create, browse, or comment on any note—wherever you are.

Questions & answers

What is a note?

A note is a brief summary of points, ideas, processes or other information. They are written to aid memory or provide structure. For example, notes can be used for meeting agendas, simple process descriptions, or meeting follow-ups.

Why should I use Rock for note taking?

Attaching cloud files and a dedicated comment section with notes inside of every space makes easy to keep information well organized. Shared functionality with the Chat, Tasks and Files mini-apps also mean notes are well integrated into your project management processes.

How are notes different from Topics?

Topics should be seen as better organized discussions or conversations threads. Notes serve for documentation and storing information while topics serve to reduce the noise from multiple conversations or messy space conversations.

Can anyone edit and create notes on Rock?

It is possible to edit or create notes as long as you have member or admin permission in a space. Guests can still view and comment on notes, but they cannot edit or remove notes from spaces.

Why should my team use notes?

Notes are bite-sized summaries of important information. Knowledge and updates are easily accessible and won’t get forgotten with well-defined and structured note management practices.

Are notes or Rock free?

Yes, Rock provides free note taking functionality across all spaces. Create and edit your notes and invite anyone to join you and collaborate on new notes.