Work with anyone inside and outside your organization

Your team today is not just people who work in your organization. From clients to freelancers, vendors and other partners everyone works together.

Rock makes it easy to get everybody into the same space and join conversations, work on tasks, and access any files they need.

How it works

Add anyone to a space

If you have projects with other companies, agencies, or freelancers, you can add them to the same space to make sure everyone is on the same page.

You only need to add them to a space once to give them access to everything project-related.

Connect through chat, comments or video calls

Send messages when you need to or quickly set up a Zoom video call with everyone in the same space.

Link to anything you’re talking about by typing @task, @note, or @attachment.

Work together with Tasks

Assign tasks to different people and keep track of who is working on something, who is blocked, and who has completed their part.

When you have more complicated tasks, add checklists to a task and keep track of all the moving parts.

Shared Files

With the Files mini-app, everyone has the files they need right at their fingertips—no more searching in email inboxes, folders, or long message threads.

Link a Google Drive folder to any Rock space and make it easier for everyone to access files they need.

Shared Notes

Keep everyone on the same page by using the Notes mini-app in every space. Add your meeting notes, project details, or new information so anyone can catch up.

Anyone can comment on a note to talk about it in more detail.

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