Import tasks and messages to any space on Rock

Move over complete workspaces, projects and tasks within minutes.

Spend less time on migrating and focus on staying productive and getting work done.


Migrate your Slack channels

Import past discussions and messages from Slack into your Rock spaces.

Seamlessly continue the conversation while accessing and searching for any past message; even those past 10,000. Learn more.

Import your Whatsapp chats

Import your chats from WhatsApp to different 1:1 or group spaces on Rock.

Pick up the conversation where you last left off with and add tasks, notes & more to the conversation on Rock. Learn more.


Import from Trello

The task boards you are so used to and so much more. Move over your projects from Trello and keep all your work in one place. Learn more.

Migrate from Asana

Create a new space or add tasks from Asana to already existing spaces.

Collaborate with anyone, even those outside for your organization. Learn more.

Switch from ClickUp

Simplify your taskflow and focus on getting work done.

Import complete workspaces with tasks, labels, descriptions and more. Learn more.

Workflows from Jira

Simplify your processes and how you get work done. Create lists and individual tasks from different issues. Learn More.

Tasks from Excel/CSV

Convert your sheets into full-fledged tasks with comments, attachments, assignees and so much more built-in functionality.

Access list, board and calendar view to get more organized.

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