Rock your freelance projects

Organize, discuss, and work with all your clients in one space.

Freelance project management mobile view Rock with multiple spaces openRock for freelance project management example with multiple spaces and collaborators

Why Rock?

All-in-one collaboration made for freelancers

Just one tool

Don’t settle for email and messaging apps like WhatsApp. Use Rock to manage all your projects instead.

Flexible & easy

Rock is easy to use and flexible enough to support any type of freelance project.

Work with anyone

Invite clients or other external stakeholders to collaborate with you on Rock

What others have to say

Freelancers across the world are using Rock to work with clients.

I use Rock every day to collaborate with many different clients. It allows me to always have an eye on all tasks and deadlines that I have to meet. I never miss a notification and customers are always satisfied with the way we communicate.

Fosca Cordidonne
UX & Low-code Freelancer
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The front-end for freelance project management

Freelance usecase Rock chat panel for collaborating with multiple messages

Communicate with clients by using a feature-rich chat in every space. Send audio messages, polls, reactions and more!

Rock calendar view panel in tasks mini-app for freelancers

Never miss a project deadline or deliverable with calendar view available in every task board.

HR & Recruiting space rock with cross org collaborating freelancer and client

Bring clients, partners and others together on Rock in the same space. Centralized communication and collaboration at last.

website development project with an attached cloud file on Rock

Easily access workflows by adding cloud files to tasks. Include Figma, Google Drive, Notion and more within each space.

Rock quick connect feature for freelancers to connect with clients

Allow new clients to open a project space with you on Rock by sharing your quick connect link or QR across channels.

Meetings mini-app in a freelance project space Rock

Connect within seconds. Share links to Zoom, Google Meet, or Jitsi in every space using the Meetings mini-app.

Rock chat panel with multiple messages between a freelancer and a client

Communicate with clients by using a feature-rich chat in every space. Send audio messages, polls, reactions and more!

Freelance project Rock calendar view example for tasks

Never miss a project deadline or deliverable with calendar view available in every task board.

Freelance space example with users from different domains collaborating

Bring clients, partners and others together on Rock in the same space at no extra cost. Unlimited invites at no extra cost.

Rock website design task with a Figma file attached and a comment

Add cloud files to tasks and quickly access workflows. Add Figma, Google Drive, Notion and others for free in every space.

Rock quick connect functionality example

Invite others to communicate and collaborate with you with your own Quick Connect links. Try it out!

Meetings mini-app Rock: Zoom, Google Meet, Jitsi and Loom

Start meetings in spaces when chat or tasks are not cutting it. Add Zoom, Google Meet, Jitsi or Loom to any conversation.

Use cases

Use Rock for internal processes or to collaborate with clients on any type of new project

Client spaces

Welcome new clients to communicate and work together on Rock by establishing dedicated project space.

CRM management

Monitor upcoming, ongoing and completed projects by creating a dedicated space to track work.

Internal operations

Manage upcoming work, admin and other to-do’s with a dedicated space for your internal operations.

Project management

Start your next project space. All-in-one functionality gives you a headstart on your next goal.

Knowledge base

Use different mini-apps to store important information and documentation.

Ongoing support

Offering ongoing support? Drop the emails and create a space where clients can request assistance when needed.


Simple and flexible functionality across the board

Step 1

Create new projects

Set up new project spaces to collaborate by yourself or others.

Leverage chat, tasks, notes, files, meetings in every space.

How to create a new freelance project space on Rock
Step 2

Configure your tasks

Switch between list, board and calendar view to get work done.

Set up lists, labels, cloud integrations and more to prepare your next project.

Freelance project management space on Rock
Step 3

Work with clients

Work on projects from start to finish in the same place.

Add clients to a group space for ongoing input, support or assistance.

Freelance project management space example with clients in the same space
Step 4

Work alone

Create new spaces to manage your internal workflows. 

Manage your CRM, invoicing and day-to-day activities from one place.

Task example for a freelancer on Rock
Step 5

Set up new spaces with clients

Use Quick Connect so anyone can create a group space with you through a link.

Add your link to websites, social profiles, business cards and more!

Set up new spaces with clients through quick connect

Centralized Freelance Work At Last

Manage all your projects from the same app. Collaborate with anyone and start projects with all-in-one functionality

Get Started

Our users love us

Rock takes away all the friction so you can set up a collaboration space with anyone.

Questions & answers

Do I have to pay extra to work with clients on Rock?

Rock does not differentiate between internal and external team members, allowing for seamless collaboration with external stakeholders. Starting new projects with external partners is just as simple as it would be with an internal team.

Why is Rock a good project management app for freelancers?

Rock is a popular front-end software for collaboration among freelancers, as it offers a comprehensive set of features in a user-friendly interface. This includes the ability to communicate with clients through chat and tasks.

How many freelance projects can I run at the same time?

The free version of Rock allows you to manage three projects within group spaces, as well as an unlimited number of projects in one-on-one spaces.

Upgrading to the unlimited plan enables you to create an unlimited number of group spaces and grants access to advanced task management features.

Can I combine multiple projects in the same space?

Absolutely! One effective way to organize tasks in Rock is by using labels, lists, and other organizational tools to separate and distinguish tasks associated with different projects. This allows you to easily keep track of what needs to be done for each project.

Do I have to pay for clients if I upgrade to a paid plan?

No need! We offer a flat-rate unlimited plan that enables access to advanced features for anyone you invite to collaborate on Rock.

Interested in upgrading? Learn more about unlimited on our pricing page.

Should I use Rock as a freelance copywriter?

Rock integrates with many popular cloud file storage providers at no cost, allowing for seamless integration of project management with daily workflows.

Many copywriters use Rock to collaborate with clients and organize ongoing content projects.

How does Rock help designers collaborate more effectively?

Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma integrations make it easy to keep design files at your fingertips through the Files mini-application. These files can be attached to tasks or notes, making them more easily accessible to you and your clients.

Do freelance software developers use Rock too?

For sure! Engineering freelancers can benefit from combining chat with task management so nothing falls through the cracks. It is also possible to add automations through Github, Zapier and others on the unlimited plan.