Earn With The

Ambassador Program

30% Commission

Rewards 💰

Rewards are paid out monthly through PayPal. Rewards for annual plans happen once. Monthly rewards get paid out every month.

Monthly plans

Up to

$ 20.70 per month*

Annual plans

Up to

$ 176.40

Getting started is simple


Sign up

Applying is easy. All you need to do is fill out our. A Rock team member will reach out to you soon after.


Spread the word

Promote Rock to new users by leveraging  your audience. We have one simple, all-in-one plan that is easy to advertise.


Start earning money

Earn 30% when one of your signups upgrades. One payment for annual plans and 12 payments for monthly plans.

Sign up for the
ambassador Program

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We set you up for success

By becoming an ambassador you gain access
to extra perks and resources.

Marketing Assets

Banners, posts and other assets you can use across newsletters, blogs, websites and social media.

Beta access

You will have the option to join a group of early adopters of our latest mobile features prior to their official release.

Free upgrade

Receive free access to the Unlimited plan for the duration of your ambassador status with Rock.

Sales materials

Dedicated presentations and other sales materials to present Rock to clients and potential future customers.

Account manager

We offer a 1:1 channel with someone in our team to support you with all Ambassador activities.

Dedicated discounts

Share personalized discount codes in your growth channels. Exclusive discounts for your audience only.

Questions & answers

Is joining the Rock Ambassador Program FREE?

Yes, anyone can join the Rock Ambassador Program for free. There is no application or monthly membership cost.

Can I leave the Ambassador Program at any time?

Yes, you can decide to leave the Ambassador Program at any point in time.

What resources does Rock provide to support me in the Ambassador Program?

We provide brand and content guidelines alongside a variety of marketing materials that you can use to promote Rock to your audience.

Do I receive rewards for free signups?

We are planning on introducing rewards for free signups through giveaways and competitions. Please apply to the program to discuss free signup rewards with the team.