A Trello alternative that goes beyond just tasks

Work is more than just tasks and task management — Rock pairs that with messaging, notes, meetings and files.
Trello alternative Rock main interface with multiple spaces and an open chat

Say goodbye to per-user pricing with Unlimited

20 Users
Rock competitor slack logo
Rock competitor slack logo

Supercharge your next projects with unlimited collaborators, project spaces, tasks, and advanced functionality. All at one flat price.

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Join thousands of teams in 170+ countries using Rock today!

We’ve made it a key part of our team and process. We’ve deployed it to over 20 team members and replaced Slack and Trello.

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Why use Rock instead of Trello?

Combine messaging and tasks in the same space. Work becomes more streamlined and organized with our robust Trello alternative.Trello alternative.

Rock competitor Trello logo

Task boards

Calendar view


Task comments



Audio messages


Notes mini-app

Tap to Organize messages into tasks

Set Aside

Meeting integrations

Native time tracker

Messaging + Tasks
in one place

Stop toggling between apps to collaborate and get work done

Team up with anyone

Say goodbye to email threads. Invite anyone, including clients and freelancers, to your next project.

Users from different organisations being shown over chat in Rock.

All-in-one functionality

Manage your next project in a single place by switching between chat and tasks without leaving the app.

Work with clients, vendors, and freelancers in one space

Run any project on Rock, work together within seconds and stop switching between different apps to get work done.

Hassle-free and secure access to all your project files

Seamlessly share files and folders from external platforms directly within tasks or the Files mini-app. Enjoy easy access to information from popular services including Google Drive, Smartsheet, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more.

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Ready to switch? Import in 3 steps

All your task boards from Trello moved into Rock within seconds.

Import from Trello to Rock step one download task board
Step 1

Export individual boards you want to migrate into Rock.

Import from Trello to Rock step two upload tasks and add custom labels
Step 2

Upload the file to Rock using the Import menu in Profile > Import. Make sure to select the correct space!

Import from Trello to Rock step three completed integration
Step 3

Ready! All tasks are now available within Rock. Switch to list and calendar view, even if you’re on the free plan!

Questions & answers

What is a free alternative to Trello?

Rock is a great Trello alternative, free from the day you sign up. You get unlimited task boards for free instead of being limited to just 10.

In addition to great task management functionality, you can also use messages, notes, files and meetings for free on Rock.

Why is Trello not good?

While there are some great features in Trello, it might not be the best fit for teams that are looking to combine task management with messages, notes, files and meetings. All-in-one tools like Rock allow teams to keep communications streamlined to one platform.

We are a top-rated Trello alternative that will save you time and provide more intuitive collaboration for everyone — without all the fuss.

Can I really collaborate with unlimited people for one flat rate?

Yes, Rock allows you to work on tasks and send messages, files or notes with anyone, both in- and outside of your team. Start unlimited new projects without the hassle of switching or updating plans.

This way you’re not limited by limited guest numbers or paywalls while collaborating with your team.

How is Rock a Trello alternative for remote teams?

Rock is a free Trello alternative that offers functionality that is asynchronous by default. Focus on tasks, notes and files and meetings while switching to messages when really needed.

Less notifications, and platform switching so you can focus on the work at hand.

Is importing to Rock from Trello free?

Yes, you can import from Trello as often as you want and completely for free. This way you can continue working on your most important projects, invite anyone to support the work, and unlock a whole new set of features.

Is Rock a secure alternative to Trello?

If you’re considering replacing Trello, free alternatives may raise security concerns.

We encrypt all communication between client software and our servers (“in transit”) with industry-standard TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 security protocols. The communication between our servers and other external systems is also TLSv1.3-encrypted.

What is a mini-app?

Mini-apps represent different ways of communicating with your team on Rock. You can currently pick between Tasks, Notes, Files, Meetings, Topics or the Chat mini-app depending on the urgency and importance.

Who is Rock made for?

Rock is made for teams that want to streamline their task management and messaging in one place. Instead of juggling multiple platforms, you get project management and team communication done in one place.

What makes Rock better than other tools?

Rock makes it easy to start collaborating with anyone in- and outside of your team. Once you create a new space you have full project management and communication functionality.

How does pricing work for Rock?

The FREE version includes basic functionality in all mini-apps, unlimited messaging and as many 1:1 spaces as you want. For advanced features or large team management functionality you can switch to the unlimited plan at one flat price.