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Help us spread the word and earn extra income by joining the Rock Affiliate Program! Monetize inviting your network and earn a reward when they upgrade to the PRO or TEAMS plans.

Read along to learn more about how the Affiliate Program works, whom the program is for, what benefits are included, and how to get started.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

The Affiliate Program is pretty straightforward. Once you sign up, we will provide you with a dedicated sign up link through which your clients, friends, audience or anyone else can join Rock. These accounts will then be connected to your link, and you will receive a commission if they end up upgrading to one of the paid plans in the future.

You also receive a dedicated discount code to share with your audience. This means that you can provide them with a lower price if they want to upgrade to a paid plan.

Who is the Rock Affiliate Program for?

Anyone is welcome to apply to the Affiliate Program. Joining is best suited for those who want to advocate for more asynchronous ways of working and believe in Rock’s philosophy for enabling anyone to work from anywhere. Common affiliates tend to be:

  • Companies or freelancers that often work with clients: The Affiliate Program can be a great opportunity to monetize inviting your clients to Rock. Additionally, if you onboard teams to Rock this could be a great way to increase the ROI of getting new teams started on Rock.
  • Social media & content experts: Do you interact with an audience that fits Rock well through podcasts, blogs, video, newsletters or other channels? Joining the Affiliate Program is a great way to teach your audience how Rock can bring value to their work and productivity with dedicated content and internal promotions.

What rewards does the Rock Affiliate Program offer?

The reward received depends on the plan purchased by the user who signed up with your link and the billing cycle. Upgrades are paid out once a month and are associated with new users that signed up with your link.

For every new upgraded user you receive:

  • 10% of a monthly plan on both PRO and TEAMS for the first year – That is up to over $100 per individual upgrade!
  • 20 % of an annual plan on both PRO and TEAMS for the first year – Up to over $300 per individual upgrade!

Affiliate Program do’s & don’ts

Whether you are new to working in a Affiliate Program or a seasoned pro, here are some basic pointers on what we expect from you.

When joining the Rock Affiliate Program DO:

  • Share your link with relevant audiences.
  • Use the brand and content resource guides we provide.
  • Ask our team any questions to help you supercharge your activities.

When joining the Affiliate Program DO NOT:

  • Spam audiences or post your link on web pages with illegal or adult content.
  • Use predatory or false advertising for getting people to the website.
  • Try to use fraudulent tactics to play the payout system.

How to sign up to the program

Applying to the program is easy. First, give us as much useful information as possible when filling out the form in this dedicated signup link. This way we can see whether you are a good match and whether collaborating can be beneficial to both sides.

After that we will reach out to you to discuss the program and your activities more in depth. This way we can discuss different ways to support you throughout your time with us in the Affiliate Program.

Do you have any questions about the Affiliate Program that are not listed in the Q&A? You are always welcome to reach out to us in the Rock Customer Support space or send an email to partners@rock.so.

Questions and Answers

Is joining the Rock Affiliate Program FREE?

Yes, anyone can join the Rock Affiliate Program for free. There is no application or monthly membership cost.

Do you accept anyone to join the program?

We assess whether both parties can benefit from the affiliateship before accepting anyone. If we reject your application now you can always try applying again further down the road.

Do I receive rewards for free signups?

We are planning on introducing rewards for free signups sometime soon. Please apply to the program to further discuss free signup rewards with the team.

Can I leave the Affiliate Program at any time?

Yes, you can decide to leave the Affiliate Program at any point in time.

What resources does Rock provide to support me in the Affiliate Program?

We provide brand and content guidelines alongside a variety of marketing materials that you can use to promote Rock to your audience. You can also discuss dedicated or shared content with the team.

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