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Product Updates


From the team that brought you @mention anything, you can now @mention everywhere! In addition to doing this in messages and comments, you can now @mention tasks, notes, topics, and attachments in task and note descriptions and a bunch of other places.

This release also includes new features and improvements such as importing tasks from Trello, Asana, ClickUp andJira, Quick Settings, major notifications improvements, bulk adding/removing users on the TEAMS plan (mobile only), and lots and lots more.

@Mention Everywhere

Collaboration on Rock has become even more connected with @mention in the description of tasks, notes, and topics. Seamlessly reference tasks, notes, topics, across different spaces with this powerful mentioning feature.

Include important information, add relevant context and truly connect the work you are doing across projects. Curious to try it out? The only thing you have to do is write an @ in the description of any task, note or topic to get started.

As an example – if you use the Notes mini-app to share a meeting agenda, you can now not just add the agenda but also specific tasks that you want to discuss during the meeting. Another thing you can now do is create a task that @ mentions another task in the description.

Just a couple of examples of what Rock does to bring order to chaos.

Import from Asana, Jira and ClickUp

Switching tools? You can now take your tasks with you. Import tasks from other tools to any new or already existing space on Rock.

In addition to importing task boards from Trello, it is now also possible to bring over tasks from Asana, Jira, and ClickUp. This way you don't have to lose past documentation and work, while seamlessly continuing with what you were working on.

Quick Settings ⚙️

Switch in seconds between accounts, light or dark mode, the mute notifications panel and your contacts with quick settings! You can access the panel by pressing your user image in the top left corner of your screen.

Looking for the expanded settings panel? You can still access it by selecting 'Settings'.

Authenticate with your phone number on web and desktop

We have added phone numbers as a way to authenticate your login on web and desktop. This way you enter your account with just your phone in addition to the already existing email codes or third party authentication through Google, Apple, and others.

If you currently only have an email validated account, you can add a phone number to your account by going to user settings, my profile, adding a phone number and saving it.

When logging in, select 'you can also continue with phone number' under login to toggle between phone number and email authentication. By doing this you will always have a backup in case you don't have access to email or your phone but still want to log in.

Notification improvements

We have further improved the notification experience since our last product release with improvements to how blue dots highlight updates in a space, notifications on mobile, and some changes to the notification panel in your user settings.

Improved blue dot behavior: We have improved blue dot behavior across spaces and the different mini-apps so you can more easily catch up with changes or updates relevant to your work.

Notification settings improvementsThe notification settings are more structured and we have added a few new options that you can toggle regarding your notifications. You can now more easily manage:

  • System notifications: Device alerts for new activities on mobile, web or desktop.
  • Email notifications: Dedicated emails that notify you about activities or due dates on Rock.
  • Updates: Product releases and marketing updates from the Rock Team.

You can access the notification panel by going to your user settings and then selecting 'Notifications'.

Search improvements

We have improved search to find more relevant results across messages, notes, topics and tasks.

Mobile improvements

We have also made some changes to the mobile app that should make it easier to work across mini-apps and have people join you on Rock. If you're on the TEAMS plan – you can now easily add, suspend, and remove multiple users in one go saving you a lot of time.


  • Use @ mentions in task and note descriptions so you can easily reference and link to other items on Rock

Inviting people

  • Invite users to a space with a phone number
  • Import users with phone numbers to make it easier to invite others

TEAMS plan

  • Bulk add, remove, and suspend users with the TEAMS plan


  • Improved notifications settings for tasks, notes, and topics
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Reply to comments in tasks and notes

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Questions about this product release? Reach out to us in the 'Rock Support and Updates’ space. We support most major languages and try to respond as soon as we can.

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