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Product Updates


No more back-and-forth on which tools to use to work together, as with Quick Connect, you can instantly start working with anyone. If you want a more memorable Quick Connect link, you can now claim your own custom URL when you’re on PRO or TEAMS.

This release also includes link previews and GIFs on the web and desktop versions, a new help center and blog, and many improvements to the mobile app.

Check out the first-ever product release webinar, where Nico & Greta walk you through the latest features and their different use cases.

Quick Connect PRO ?

Personalize your Quick Connect to highlight your business name or the service you’re offering with a custom link.

You can add your Quick Connect link to social media channels & communications, your freelance profile, or client-facing websites or business cards. This makes it easier for people to start a conversation with you and collaborate on anything.

Use Quick Connect to seamlessly get in touch with new clients, offer customer support, or collaborate with anyone for an up and coming business partnership. Make sure to claim your link in time, once it’s taken it’s gone!

We have also added template spaces to Quick Connect to create a more customized experience. Available templates include: operations, recruiting, product design, marketing campaign, engineering, project management and customer support. Customized template options are coming soon to PRO and TEAMS!

Link Previews on web and desktop

In addition to previewing links on mobile, Rock now shares a thumbnail of links that are shared within your spaces. Get a quick sense of videos, articles and other links that people share in a space with a thumbnail and a snippet describing what you shared.

GIFs on web and desktop

You can now share your favorite GIFs on the web and desktop versions of Rock!

GIFs become available in a group space with more than three people. You will receive a notification saying ‘GIFs unlocked ?’ and the GIF button will appear next to the emoji functionality.

Browse thousands of different options from the Giphy library and share them in the chat with your team to say something only the right GIF can express.

Pinboard [Mobile only]

Pin important information in a dedicated panel in each space. This makes it easier to find important tasks, topics, notes, files or messages without having to go looking.
You can pin multiple objects in a space, allowing everyone to quickly check out and access information by clicking on the pin button in the top right corner of the space. This may include a welcome message, a weekly announcement, or an important task or note.
How to pin:

  • Messages: keep the message you want to pin pressed for a few seconds and click on the pin icon afterwards.
  • Tasks, notes, files and topics: press the pin button in the top right corner of the object. You can unpin items by selecting the same pin button again.

Pinned information can be accessed by clicking on the pin next to the space name. You can also filter pinned information to quickly browse through relevant objects by mini-app.

Import tasks from CSV [PRO & TEAMS]

Are you looking to quickly create a large amount of tasks or move documented information over to tasks? The import from CSV functionality makes it easy to quickly create a whole set of tasks.
Add your information into the provided template and migrate it to Rock within a few clicks. You can access the import from CSV feature in the Import section of your Settings panel.

Log out from all devices

Not sure on what devices your current account is logged in? This feature allows you to log out of all devices your profile is still connected to in one go. That way you can make sure that you’re the only one with access to your account.
You can access the feature from your Settings, press the three dots, and select ‘Log out from all devices

Rock Help Center ?

Resources, documentation and so much more! Browse the help center for support material on tasks, messages, notes and any other Rock feature.
We will be adding new help center articles on a continuous basis so if you’re looking for something specific let us know by opening a space with us!

The new Rock blog ?️

We have also upgraded the navigation experience on web and mobile for the Rock blog. This makes it easier to find relevant articles and improves the reading experience across devices.
We are also enabling guest posting. Are you a writer, company or user that has a story to tell that you think is relevant to our audience? Feel free to reach out to open a space with us to further discuss possibilities.

Mobile updates

We have added a bunch of improvements to the mobile experience. This product release includes the following changes and fixes to the mobile apps:

  • Quick Connect (PRO) - pick your own custom Quick Connect link and use a template for your Quick Connect space.
  • Pinboard: pin anything in a space for easy access to all your important tasks, notes, files, and more.
  • Force log out from all devices
  • A whole lot of bug fixes and smaller improvements.

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