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Productivity is often associated with speed and efficiency with which you can complete tasks. With Rock, we don’t want you to waste any time, so we have made connecting to others faster than ever. We want to test out just how fast you can master features on Rock and invite new members to the platform. To provide you with extra incentive to help you share the value of Rock with your network, we are kicking off the Race to Rock!

When will the contest take place?

From September 28th till October 12th, we will be testing the speed of collaboration on Rock with the Race to Rock.

What are the prizes?

Each winner will receive:

  • 2-year subscription to our TEAMS 5 subscription, or a lifetime subscription to PRO.
  • And a $50 Amazon Gift Card each

The top 3 users who acquired the most points by October 12th can win special prizes. We will also award the 2 new users (joined from September 28th onwards) with the most credits with the same prize.

How to earn credits?

You can get started with earning credits in many different ways listed in our Credit Program article.

For example, you can earn 10 credits for inviting additional people from outside your domain to Rock or you can receive 5 credits just for downloading the mobile or desktop version of the app if you haven't done this already.

Trying out features such as creating your first note, task, or topic will also grant you 1 credit each.

1. Invite friends, clients and colleagues to Rock

Connecting with Rock takes seconds: open a space together using Quick Connect or invite new users to a group space by sharing an invite link. By inviting new people to Rock, you can receive:

  • 1 credit per new user
  • 10 credits for each new domain.
  • 50 credits if the invited user upgrades to PRO plan
  • 300 credits if invited user upgrades to TEAMS plan

2. Import from Slack or WhatsApp

Migrate all your important chats to Rock to keep the conversation going.

3. Integrate your favorite apps

Not on Rock yet? No problem, sign up quickly and join the fun as we will also be rewarding 2 users who joined Rock from September 28th with the most referral points. That’s right! It also pays to join our platform.

Is it really that easy to collaborate using Rock?

Yes, it is, try it yourself. If you have been holding off on migrating your colleagues or integrating your apps, now is the time! For more information on the Terms & Conditions visit our Rules of the Road page.

race to rock

Stay tuned to our social media and Rock Support space for tips & updates regarding the contest!

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