Access important information with a dedicated pinboard in every space. Find important tasks, topics, notes, files or messages without searching across mini-apps and always keep information at hand.

Information stored on the pinboard may include a welcome message, strategy document, a weekly announcement, website link or an important task or note that you want to make easily available to everyone.

How to pin from the object level

Only users with admin level permissions in a PRO space can pin information. You can pin objects by selecting the 📌pin icon which displays to the right corner of objects when you hover over them. Objects you can pin include:

  • Messages
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Topics
  • Files (this includes everything in your Files mini-app: those uploaded to objects, files directly uploaded in the pinboard and connected cloud file storage folders)

Clicking on the pin icon will store the information in the pinboard. Pinned items are visible to all space members. Guests and members can’t pin items in a space, but they can still browse to, set aside, and @mention pinned items.

If you want to remove an object or added it by accident, you can always undo the pin by clicking on the 📌 pin icon again.

💡 Rock team tip: Newly pinned items are placed on top of the pinboard by default. If you want to move an item up you can quickly unpin it and pin it again.

Managing your pinboard

You can access your space’s pinboard by clicking on the pin icon 📌 next to the space name. Note that if you have not changed your space to PRO, the feature will not work, even if you have an Unlimited account.

Once a user navigates to the pinboard, there are 4 main activities they can do:

  • Search for items
  • Filter pinned items
  • Add new items
  • Browse to, Remove, @mention or set aside information

Search for items in the pinboard

You can use the search panel to look for specific items within your pinboard. This is especially handy if you are using it as a knowledge base or have a larger number of items stored.

The search function purely queries for text or labels on your objects, so entering @task:2 or the authors’ name will not return a result. Instead, make sure to search for text connected to the task, or use one of the filters to reduce the number of objects displayed.

Filtering in your pinboard

Filter pinned objects to retrieve information or browse based on the object type. You can currently filter for: all, messages, tasks, topics, notes, files and links.

Note that if you pin a message with a link, it will be filtered as a message, and not a link. The same applies for images, they will show as messages and not as files. In order to filter for links you need to directly add a URL through the + in the pinboard panel. Links from the chat can be stored in the pinboard, but will be filtered as messages.

Add new items

The option to add new items is only available to users with admin permissions in the space. Click on the big blue + sign in the bottom right corner to access the functionality.

Once selected, you get the option of adding a new object to the pinboard, there are 4 different categories you can choose from:

  • Task, note, file or topic: use the @mention anything feature to quickly add relevant objects to your pinboard
  • URL: Write or paste a dedicated URL into the object. You can filter by the URLs added by clicking on ‘Links’ from the available filters in the top of the panel.
  • Upload file: upload a file from your device that you want to display in this panel, it will also be added to the files mini-app of the space.
  • Cloud Storage: Select a file from the folders you have previously added into the space. This includes all cloud storage folders you or anyone else in that space has added to the Files mini-app.

💡 Rock Team tip: Using @mention anything you can add several objects at once. Objects are skipped if they are already present in the list.

Manage your pinned objects

There are a series of actions you can do with your pinned objects, this section will explain:

  • Removing
  • Reorganize pinned objects
  • Browsing through
  • @mention pinned objects
  • Set Aside pinned objects

Remove pinned objects

Only users with an admin role can remove pinned items from the pinboard. Once the option to remove appear when hovering over the item they want to remove with a red pin icon 📌.

Reorganize pinned objects

You can change the position of a pinned object by keeping it selected and hovering it to the new position where you want to locate it. This can be useful if you want to bring an older object up or deprioritize a pinned item.

Browse through pinned objects

All users in a space can browse through the different objects in a pinboard and click on them.

  • When clicking on a message users will be brought to its thread
  • For tasks, notes, topics or files a user will be brought to the object when clicking on it
  • Clicking on a link in the panel will redirect the user to the source of the link.

@mention pinned objects

It is also possible @mention pinned options. @mention is available for all objects except messages, links and cloud storage providers in the Files mini-app. Clicking on the button will save a link on your device that directly connects to the object. You can share this link in your space, other spaces and on the web to bring a user to an object in your space.

Set Aside pinned objects

Users can also Set Aside items. This allows them to quickly access important information across different spaces from the Set Aside panel.

Pinning on Mobile

The pinning feature is also available for mobile devices. Here’s how you can pin objects from the mobile apps:

  • Messages: keep the message you want to pin pressed for a few seconds and click on the pin icon afterwards.
  • Tasks, notes, files and topics: press the pin button in the top right corner of the object. You can unpin items by selecting the same pin button again. You can also pin from the menu with ellipsis.

Pinned information can be accessed by clicking on the pin next to the space name. You can also filter pinned information to quickly browse through relevant objects by mini-app.

Just like the web version, you can add new items to the pinboard by pressing the blue + button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Questions & Answers

Pinning does not seem to be available in my space, how come?

The pinboard is only available in spaces that have been upgraded to PRO. If you have a free space you need to upgrade it to PRO in order to access information.

Does my pinboard reset when I change a space back to FREE?

Information will remain viewable, but you won’t be able to add or remove items from the pinboard. You have to change the space back to PRO if you wish to make changes to the pinboard.

What happens to pinned objects if I deauthorize a cloud file?

If you lose authorization of pinned services, they disappear from the list, but the counter for pinboard does not change (they are available "in the background"). After re-authorization, the services reappear on the list in pinboard.

The pin option does not appear on different objects for me, why?

Pinning is reserved for users with admin permissions in spaces that have been changed to PRO. Make sure that both settings are correctly configured in order to see the pinning functionality.

What happens to my pinned information if I’m demoted to member or guest?

Information will remain pinned, but you won’t be able to manage the pinned information anymore. Ask a space admin to upgrade you again if you want to make changes to your pinboard again.

Can guests or members pin information in my space?

No. Pinning is reserved for users with admin permissions in PRO spaces. Guests and members can only browse through objects, @mention them or use the Set Aside function in the pin board.

Can I hide the pinboard for guests?

No, there is currently no functionality to hide the pinboard for guests.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can pin?

You can pin up to 100 items in your pinboard. After that you have to remove an item in order to add a new one. Note that it will be harder to browse and retrieve objects if you add too many to your pinboard.

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