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Link your Rock and Slack communication so nothing falls through the cracks. The Rock bot for Slack allows teams to receive a notification in Slack when new tasks, notes or topics are created or edited in a Rock space.

The following product guide will walk you through the functionality: how to set up the bot, connect it to your Slack workspace, and receive updates in your Slack channels for Rock.

How to create a Slack bot in Rock

The feature is completely free. You can access the Slack bot for Rock from space settings if you have admin permissions.

Click on settings > integrations > Rock bot for Slack.

After selecting the bot, a panel opens up. Click on ‘Add to Slack’ in order to set up a connection between the two apps.

This will bring you to Slack, where you have to allow the Rock bot access to your Slack workspace. This sets up the link for information to be sent between the two apps.

Enabling the link will give the Rock bot access to channels and send notifications to your Slack channels. The connection is completely safe, and the Rock team does in no way have access to or follow any conversations in spaces you connect.

Once you allow the Rock bot access, you are brought back to Rock, where you can configure the Rock bot in your space. There are a few things you can do:

  • Rename your bot: By default, your bot will be named ‘Rock bot for Slack’, but you can change this if needed
  • Change the bot avatar: By default, the bot will have the Slack logo as an image. You are free to change this if you wish to do so.
  • Select events: Decide which activities you want to push notifications for. The panel includes 6 events: task created, task updated, note created, note updated, topic created and topic updated.

Note that after creating the bot you can change its name and avatar, but not the event configurations.

After creating your bot, you still have to enable it in your channels on Slack. In order to do so you have to browse back to Slack > Select the Rock bot > dropdown menu > Add this app to a channel.

Once you select ‘Add this app to a channel’ a new panel opens up. Select the channel you want to add the Rock bot to from the dropdown menu and click on ‘Add’.

You can add the bot to several channels if you wish to do so by repeating these steps. You will know the Rock bot has been correctly added to a channel with a notification message in that channel.

Receiving notifications from the Rock bot on Slack

Now that everything has been configured, you can send notifications from Rock spaces to Slack channels. Notifications that are pushed through depend on the events you chose while configuring the bot.

  • New object created: Every time a new object is created in your connected Rock space from the chosen events, a message will be pushed into slack with a link to the object, and details. Details include the title, description, and author. Start & due date, priority, assignees, and other task fields are also added.
  • Object updated: You receive a custom message when the description of notes and topics or other fields in tasks are updated on Rock. The message includes a link to the object so you can quickly navigate to it.

Questions and answers

Is the Rock bot for Slack free?

Yes! The functionality is completely free. Connect your workflows with custom notifications on Slack for updates in your Rock spaces!

Can I add the same Rock bot to multiple channels on Slack?

Yes, feel free to add the Rock bot to any channels where it’s relevant to receive workflow notifications.

Will I receive notifications for new comments on tasks, notes or topics?

No, the functionality does not yet include notifications for new comments on objects.

How many Rock bots can I create?Rock bot for Slack is a completely free feature on our side. Feel free to create as many bots for Rock spaces to keep information up to date across platforms.

Can I have two differently configured bots in my same Rock space?

Yes, feel free to create multiple bots and configure them in different ways if needed.

How can I change my Rock bot settings after it’s created?

You can’t change the event settings. Once your Slack account is authorized you can just add a new Slack bot with desired settings and remove the previous one.

I linked the wrong Slack workspace to Rock bot. How can I change it?

You can disconnect your current Slack account by clicking your avatar in the upper left corner and choosing Settings -> Authorized apps and clicking “disconnect” next to the Slack app.

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