Supercharge your projects with PRO

From recurring tasks to custom fields, webhooks, and the ability to duplicate spaces — Rock is even more useful with PRO.

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Keep costs under control with PRO

Anyone can join your PRO spaces for free and benefit from features. No need to pay per user.


Create more and larger workspaces to manage your different projects.


Pin important tasks, notes, files or other information to the top of your PRO spaces for easy access.


Automate workflows with Zapier, Github, Rollbar or a custom API integration in PRO spaces.

Advanced Tasks

Calendar integrations, sprints, custom fields and more new functionality to power up your task management.

Scheduled messages

Track what your team is currently working on, what has been completed and how many tasks are still in the backlog across spaces.

Custom Quick Connect

Share a custom link across your different external channels to invite people to join you on Rock.

Workspaces & beyond

A more intuitive way to organize your work, team & tools expanding the possibilities for any size operation.

Bigger and more workspaces options

Manage more complex workflows by adding up to 20 individual group spaces to your workspaces. The PRO plan also includes up to 3 workspaces, so you can manage different teams or workflows from the same account.

What is a PRO space?

Free spaces can be upgraded to PRO to unlock functionality and supercharge the productivity of your team. Invite team members, clients, partners, freelancers or volunteers to your PRO spaces and collaborate together with all the extra functionality, at no additional cost.

Supercharge 10 spaces with PRO functionality

Even more features to keep your team productive.


Pin important documents and communications in one central place.

Add tasks, notes, messages, links and more for anyone in the space to access within seconds.

Scheduled messages

Schedule messages and polls ahead from the mobile app.

This way you can make sure that your messages arrive at the right time and plan ahead without too much noise.

Larger file uploads

Bypass the 10MB file upload limit from the free plan and upload documents up to 50MB.

Sharing larger files? Check the cloud storage integrations for free alternatives.

Seamless exports

In addition to JSON and XML, you can now also export all of your tasks in Excel or CSV.

PRO task features

Sprints are great when work is completed with a specific cadence (e.g. every 2 weeks).

Move backlog items into monthly sprints, or combine tasks needed to reach each milestone in dedicated sprints. Filter by sprint so you can focus on what is urgent.

Create custom fields for tasks that match up with how you do work.

Add short text, number or dropdown fields to your tasks. You can also simplify tasks by moving fields or removing the fields you do not use.

Manage weekly reports, recurring check-ins, or any other repeating activity with recurring tasks.

After completing a task it automatically gets set up again based on your chosen time interval.

Automate tasks, message or note workflows with Zapier, Github, and Rollbar integrations.

Create your own automations with a public API and customize how your tools integrate with Rock.

Sync your tasks on Rock with Google Calendar, Outlook and other providers that support iCal.

Seamlessly visualize your task deadlines alongside your to-do’s and deadlines.

Task Tracking Views

No more endless searching to find a specific task. Quickly scroll through all your tasks or quickly edit a bunch of tasks with List View.

Show all your tasks in a Kanban-like view, which makes it easy to get a visual overview of all your tasks and lists.

Never miss a deadline again. Display all your tasks with start and due dates on a calendar so you can manage tasks at a glance, seeing what needs to happen by when.

Want to see all your tasks from across all your spaces? My Tasks gives you a high-level overview of all your tasks.

Can’t work on something right away? Save tasks to follow up on later with the “Set Aside” function

View a minimized list overview of your different tasks, while still being able to see the messages in your space.

Track productivity with a management dashboard

Track new tasks, those in progress and work completed with a dedicated management dashboard for PRO spaces

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Do more for less

With messaging and tasks in the same space, work becomes more streamlined and organized.

Larger workspaces
Workflow automations
Management dashboard
Space pinboard
Scheduled messages
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$5.99/pm For unlimited users & guests.

Add a time tracker to your plan

for $4.99/mo per manager

Track how much time people are spending on tasks and align objectives and availability to the tasks across your spaces.

Powerful account upgrades

Get more out of existing features and unlock new account-level functionality.

Personalized Quick Connect links

Manually change your Quick Connect link to be more related to your business name or service offering.

Duplicate your spaces

Create unlimited duplicates of tasks and notes of group spaces you are an admin in.

Develop personal templates to quickly start new projects with clients, partners, or volunteers.

Upgrade to PRO today from only $5.99/month

Unlock the power of advanced team management and PRO spaces to maximize your productivity

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Explore more features

Rock brings together messaging, tasks, notes, files, and all your favorite apps, so you get valuable time back to get work done.



Keep things organized and keep work moving with chat and project management in one space.



Set up a space to work with your team, clients, partners, and freelancers without friction.



Start something on your computer and pick it up on your mobile. Rock works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.



Convert your action points into dedicated tasks. All from within the same space.



Share your Quick Connect link and start a  space to work with anyone within seconds.

Questions & answers

Why should I switch to PRO?

The PRO plan makes it easier to stay productive for users that are looking to get more out of there task management, automate activities, or plan ahead with dedicated features.

What teams are suited for the PRO plan?

The PRO plan works well for freelancers and small businesses. The plan provides loads of additional functionality that you can share with anyone in and outside of you organization

Can any be invited to my PRO spaces?

Yes, invite team members, freelancers, clients, partners, volunteers or anyone else to your PRO spaces. Everyone can make use of the upgraded functionality.

Do I pay per user in my team?

No, the PRO plan is a single plan. Spaces you upgrade to PRO can be shared with different users in and outside of your team at no additional cost.

How many PRO spaces do I get?

Users under the PRO plan get 10 PRO spaces. You can switch PRO status between spaces depending on your different projects, priorities or workflows.

Can I purchase additional PRO spaces?

Yes, it is possible to purchase additional spaces under the PRO plan. You can add new PRO spaces to your billing by going to your user settings -> subscriptions -> edit subscription.

Does PRO include member management functionality?

You can manage different users within your workspaces. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to manage users in your team or under your domain in other places as well you have to upgrade to the TEAMS plan.

Can I freely downgrade any space I have changed to PRO?

Yes, feel free to switch around PRO status between your different spaces. You can have up to 10 spaces with PRO status under your plan at the same time.

Can I create more workspaces with PRO?

Yes, instead of 1 workspace with 10 spaces you can now create 3 workspaces with up to 20 spaces in each one.

Does the time tracker come included with the PRO plan?

No, you have to purchase the time tracker on top of your current plan.  You can add it to your PRO plan for $1.99.