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Meetings bring teams together to strategize long term planning and craft action plans for the immediate and near future. Meeting minutes are often written to summarize the conversation points, conclusions, and assigned tasks with their respective due dates.

Great minutes capture the essence of a meeting; highlighting the main discussion points, conclusions and action items.

Our simple meeting minutes template helps you generate minutes within seconds with the help of AI!

Automate writing your meeting minutes with an AI template

Writing meeting minutes used to be a fully manual task. Nevertheless, automation has arrived. An AI tool is capable of transcribing conversations, summarizing what was discussed, and craft clearly defined action items.

As a result, teams can reduce time spent on with writing minutes, while delivering more accurate and complete meeting minutes. All team members can pay attention throughout the meeting without worrying about missing details in the minutes.

Don't forget to only meet when you have important projects to discuss. Often, sending minutes and cancelling a meeting is better than planning a catch-up meeting to communicate again what was discussed in a meeting.

Benefits of using an AI meeting minutes template

Using a corporate meeting minutes template that uses AI is be more effective and efficient compared to Word or Excel templates. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Efficiency: Free up time for more meaningful tasks. AI tools transcribe and summarize meetings faster than humans.
  2. Accurate Transcription: AI tools can transcribe speech to text with high accuracy, ensuring that all important points from the meeting are recorded.
  3. Focus on Participation: Participants can engage better in the meeting discussions knowing that the AI is handling the minutes.
  4. Consistency: The meeting minutes format and style stays more consistent when using AI. As a result, team members can quickly find the information they're looking for.
  5. Easy Editing: An in-app AI editor allows teams to fine-tune the generated minutes, add deadlines, change the copy where needed, and generate more AI content within seconds.
  6. Actionable Insights: AI helps with highlighting important decisions, action items, and deadlines. Discussion points are automatically converted into action items, helping the team focus on what is urgent and important.
  7. Availability and Accessibility: AI-generated minutes can be quickly and easily shared with all participants, and even those who couldn't attend the meeting, ensuring everyone is informed.
  8. Reduced Human Error: By automating the process, AI can help reduce errors that can occur in manual note-taking, such as missing out on important points or mishearing information.

From theory to practice: AI meeting minutes template

Using the AI meeting minute template is easy.

Upload your meeting in text, audio, or video format. You can also record the meeting directly from within the app.

an AI marketing tool like Bash can swiftly generate a draft by employing the AI meeting minutes template. The draft can then be customized before being generated with configurations tailored to the team's needs—be it tone, author, audience, or language.

AI can convert conversions into a structured and useful document. Summarize key decisions, delineating action items with responsible parties and set deadlines in seconds. Check out these meeting minutes examples to see how to configure the meeting minutes template for your team.

Tailor your AI meeting minutes to your liking

The meeting minutes format changes depending on the team. Some employ concise bullet points whereas others prefer to document their discussions with extensive summaries.  

AI's adaptability ensures that teams can personalize the format of their meeting minutes template, from one-pagers to detailed reports.

The AI editor also makes it easier to regenerate sections or add further insights. Teams can manually add other changes if needed before sharing the meeting minutes with their team.

Meeting minutes template with AI. Upload your content, pick a template and create meeting minutes with Bash
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