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A product roadmap outlines the vision, direction, and progress of a product over time. Teams use roadmaps to communicate what they’re working on and the problems that are being solved.

Roadmaps are critical for product managers, they assist in aligning all stakeholders (internal teams, executives, customers, etc.) on the priorities of the product development. This product strategy template offers everything a product manager may need.

Key Components of a Product Roadmap template

A product roadmap typically includes the following elements:

  1. Themes: Themes group together related activities or initiatives. They're a way to organize your roadmap and make it easier to understand.
  2. Features/Epics: Specific functionalities or capabilities that you plan to build in your product.
  3. Timeline roadmap: When you plan to deliver specific features or reach certain milestones.
  4. Status: Current progress of a feature or epic. Documenting the status helps stakeholders understand what's done, what's in progress, and what's coming up.
  5. Resources: Include the teams or individuals responsible for each feature or epic, as well as any other resources required.

Prioritize feature requests and track your product development in one place. Use different lists in the product roadmap template to determine designs and estimate development times for your next product sprint. 🏃

Task management is helpful for roadmap visualization. Visualize progress across list board and calendar view Instead of using a google docs product roadmap template.

Here are the stages that you can follow in our free product roadmap template

  • Ideas and Suggestions - Share all your suggestions, customer feedback, and stakeholder interests in this list.
  • Product Design - What do you want your new feature to look like?
  • Estimating - How long will development for this new feature take?
  • Selected for Sprint- You did it! 👏Time to let the team know this feature can be added to the next sprint.
  • Other? - Modify list names or add new ones to further personalize your workflow.
Collaborate with other users in your dedicated product roadmap template space. Use chat, tasks, notes, files and meetings all from a centralized location. Get started for free!
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