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A recruitment tracker is a tool used by human resources departments, recruiting agencies, or hiring managers to manage and monitor the recruitment process. The tracker typically documents information on applicants, recruitment stages, communication with candidates, interview schedules, feedback, and hiring status.

Key features of the recruitment tracker include:

  • Candidate information: Details like the candidate's contact information, resume, and the position they applied for.
  • Recruitment stages: The progress of each candidate through different recruitment stages.
  • Interview and feedback notes: Records of the candidate's responses during interviews, feedback from interviewers, and any other relevant comments.
  • Hiring status: Information on whether a job offer has been extended, accepted, or declined.

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Here's are some features that help you track recruiting more effectively:

  1. Notes: Create notes to store important information and discuss information using the comment section.
  2. Files: Link relevant Cloud storage providers: Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma or SmartSheet. Add any type of file and keep important information a click away at all times. 👨‍💻
  3. Meetings: Add Zoom or Google Meet. If something can't be solved through tasks, notes, or messages you can quickly jump on a 5-minute meeting. 🤝
  4. Tasks: Manage work from start to finish with a fully integrated Tasks mini-app.

These are the lists we set up in this hiring template:

  • Resume Review - Create tasks for candidates who just submitted their resumes.
  • Interview - Move candidates who are interviewing with the team.
  • Offer - Candidates that did well in the interviews move to this list.
  • Reject - Candidates that aren't a good fit move to this list.
  • Accepted - You're hired! Candidates become colleagues.
  • Other? - Modify list names or add new ones to further personalize your workflow.

Start working with a more effective system of recruitment. Get the template for free and collaborate, discuss and track recruiting in a single place. 🤘

Recruitment tracker template preview task board with multiple lists and individual task cards to track applications and the hiring funnel
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