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With work often moving quickly, tracking all of your goals, projects, and tasks can be difficult. Having a reliable weekly to-do list template that works for you is key to staying on top of what needs to get done.

You might find yourself looking through different remote work tools to manage your to-do lists. Thankfully Rock has built-in functionality to replace creating weekly to-do list templates and tools. If you need daily to-do list ideas or if you aren’t sure which things to put on a to-do list—read on.

You can also update these to do lists ideas daily so information is always up to date.One of the most common ways of keeping track of everything on your plate is the to-do list. The to-do list meaning is simple, if it is on the list, then it needs to get done.

These lists can be as simple or complex as you need or want them to be. But success doesn’t mean you just make a to-do list. You will need more than a few organized lists. While the first step is just recording and prioritizing what needs to get done, you shouldn’t stop there.

Weekly to do list template

To level up, you need to figure out how to optimize your task management. First, think critically about the best way for you to start formatting lists. If you need to-do list ideas, Rock offers different ways for you to organize your different activities.

Pick and choose how to organize your to-do’s right in the app, so you never have to switch tools to track your to-do items.

There are different ways that you can organize daily to do list ideas through tasks on Rock. Mastering the art of managing your to-do’s enables you to stay productive and focus on the work that makes an impact.

Everyone organizes their work differently. Here are five to-do list ideas to keep track of all your responsibilities.

All your to-do’s across projects with the My Tasks panel

The My Tasks panel of Rock helps you organize your work so you don’t need a separate to-do list anymore. This feature takes all the guesswork out of planning, so you know exactly which things to put on a to-do list. You can keep working in Rock and update task statuses without switching to different apps or platforms to track your progress.

With this feature, you can see every task in Rock that's assigned to you. While centralizing your tasks in one place helps you locate to-do items, it can be more information than you need. That is why the My Tasks panel lets you filter all of your tasks by different spaces, labels, and assignees.

weekly to do list template my tasks

Important work kept close at all times with Set Aside

The Set Aside feature can function as a shortlist of high-priority or important to-do list items. This makes those items easier to manage, enabling you to focus on them.

If you get busy and need to focus on high-priority items, you can store them into the Set Aside panel. This puts any information into a separate place, easily accessible. You can move tasks, notes, messages, and even cloud files into Set Aside, so they’re right at your fingertips.

weekly to do list template set aside

Time your projects and to-do’s with Sprints

To keep your weekly to-do list template on a timeline that works for you, create sprints in Rock and add the tasks you want to be done within the week.

Sprints allow you to group tasks by time cycles (pick any timeline such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). This way you can rest easy knowing that everything you need to do in that period is in your sprint.

Manage your work and never worry about missing a deadline by grouping tasks by a given time period. You can reference your sprints when you need to suggest tasks to complete next.

Sprints are available in the PRO and TEAMS plan on Rock. If you don’t have a paid plan, you can still organize your tasks by the due date with labels—just add the sprint as a label on the task, and sort your tasks by their label in the Tasks mini-app or My Tasks panel.

weekly to do list template with sprints

Discuss to-do’s more in-depth with your team with Topics

Ask all of your team members to write their weekly to-do’s on topics in Rock. By including all of the things that need to be completed in a centralized location, such as the topic, you can stay in the loop with the rest of your team.

Including the team’s to-do items also enables you and your team to align on priorities and keep everyone informed on what you are working on. By communicating goals and objectives, your team will have an easier time collaborating and meeting expectations.

Everyone on the team can stay in the loop on daily tasks and to-do ideas. You can use the @ mention feature so people can directly access the different activities in the to-do list shared by each team member.

Keep activities not related to a project or workflow organized through your personal space

We automatically create a personal space for you when you make an account. You can use your space for daily or weekly tasks that are just for you. Organize and store information however works best for you—and that includes your weekly to-do list template.

If you want to have different spaces for personal and work-related to-do items, you can create group spaces just for yourself. That way, you have somewhere to track any type of item on your to-do lists. With this approach, you can have unlimited spaces and organize unlimited to-do lists however you want.

Manage your weekly to-do lists and so much more with Rock

Gone are the days of unwieldy Excel sheet lists or endless Word documents that are easily and quickly outdated. Gone are the days of pen-and-paper lists that never seem to be around when you need to reference.

With Rock, you can keep track of what needs to get done without switching between different tools. You don’t have to interrupt your workflow or sort through files and papers to find what you need to do next. Your to-do lists are built into the same platform where your documents, files, and messaging are stored.

You won’t have to wonder which things to put on a to-do list, because your tasks, files, and folders are in Rock where they can be easily incorporated into a list.

Managing your tasks with a list helps make your action items more visible to you. This helps you better prioritize those items so you can deliver for your team, your collaborators, and clients. With an effective way of organizing your work and formatting your to-do lists, you can put your energy where it belongs—actually getting things done.

We know that productivity is key to workers and their teams. That’s why Rock offers different ways for you to keep up with your to-do items. Stay organized however works best for you and your team.

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