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More does not always mean better. Marketing tools for internal communications provide a streamlined and organized way for marketing agencies and freelancers to get work done. It's tempting to think that having the right tool for everything will solve your problems, but working with too many tools can be another problem.

When you constantly need to switch between multiple apps, it’s hard to manage your work and get things done. Switch to tools that simplify things by bringing everything together.

Why are too many marketing tools a bad thing?

When you work across different free marketing tools with different clients, it’s hard to keep track of information. Too often, you have to switch between them throughout the day just to keep up with your clients and projects. When working with multiple programs and apps, it's harder to stay organized since each one has a unique setup.

Organization becomes its own project, on top of your actual work. For example, different clients could all communicate by email but might use different video platforms for meetings.

Some of them may use the same design programs but they each have a unique combination of tools that you need to juggle. That makes it harder for you to keep track of feedback and information so things can more easily fall through the cracks.

More things for you to manage

Working with a lot of tools means you need to update and monitor communication about your progress in a lot of places. Upkeep sucks up your time and forces you away from what matters. You end up juggling a bunch of apps and programs during just one day.

You’re already bombarded with notifications.More of them aren’t helpful. The more you have, the more time you have to spend managing them—in addition to the work that matters.

It all costs time and money

When you’re paying for more tools that should help your productivity, those tools should make your job easier. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and could end up hurting your bottom line. Nobody wants to spend more money than they need to. However, choosing a cheaper option isn’t always the better option.

If something offers more functionality and helps you get more done, it’s worth a slightly larger price tag. With the best marketing tool that can do more, you’ll save more time for your projects and clients while simplifying your workload.

All-in-one communication and collaboration is the solution

To stay on top of your work and projects, you should look for tools that offer you more than one capability. All-in-one tools are great for marketing work because they make it easier to work with different clients and projects while still providing the flexibility you need.

All-in-one solutions help you save time and help you stay organized because they meet several of your needs at once. With a centralized place where you can do more than one thing, you can organize your work the way you want.

Marketing work involves a lot of moving parts, whether it's with an agency or as a freelancer. The tools you use should be able to keep up.

marketing tools notion rock and coda

All-in-one marketing tools to manage internal workflows

Online marketing tools make communication and collaboration easier and simpler for everyone. With smoother collaborations, your work will be more effective and it'll be easier to get client feedback. All-in-one tools save you time and stress by reducing the number of platforms and apps you need to use.

By streamlining your workflows, all-in-one tools make it easier for you to focus on projects and clients. Whether you’re part of a marketing agency or working as a freelancer, you know that client communication is what makes the world go around. Some clients only rely on emails while others use Slack or Trello. Fractured communications strategies make it hard to share progress and collaborate.

32% of professionals say inadequate or lack of communication is the biggest problem for any project and it’s not hard to see why. Too often, you need several tools for each client. All-in-one marketing tools for communications have more capabilities which means you can do more with just one tool.

Below are some examples of classic all-in-one tools and the features they offer their users.

Collaboration and communication on Rock

Rock combines messaging, task management, notes, Zoom, and Google Drive. Instead of using a few different tools for those, Rock lets you do that in one place. Because Rock has different built-in communication methods, it’s easier to work with clients and external partners.

You can also link your Google Drive folders to the files mini-app in Rock so everyone can access anything project-related, right from Rock. This prevents information and work from being siloed in inboxes or folders.

Your team members will be able to make edits to projects or address feedback so work doesn’t have to slow down when you’re offline.

marketing tools rock

Advanced note-taking with Notion

Notion is a tool that offers a team wiki for you and collaborators to store information for future reference. Like other all-in-one tools, you can have discussions with clients and your team members without leaving the platform.

Both Rock and Notion let you manage your to-do list with task boards; you can update your team members or clients on progress without clogging their inboxes with emails. Since these free marketing tools are more centralized, information is easier to find and keep organized.

marketing tools notion

Centralized information with Coda

Another all-in-one tool is Coda, which offers teams and freelancers a centralized place to keep their documents and spreadsheets. Instead of being forced to store information across different remote work tools, you can keep all your information where everyone can see it.

Coda also has different productivity and project management features within the platform, so you can reduce the number of things you’re juggling.

marketing tools coda

Make the most of marketing tools for communications

Using too many marketing tools online can cost you and your team time and make your work harder. If you use too many single-purpose tools for projects, your work can get disorganized and tough to manage.

Remote work tools like Rock, Notion, and Coda can solve a lot of these challenges by streamlining your work, getting everybody on the same page, and making it easier to work on any marketing project.

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