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Too many apps and platforms make you juggle a bunch of different tools to get things done.

If you have to rotate through an ever-growing number of apps to do your work, you’ll have less time to focus on what matters. Not to mention that it’s inconvenient and stressful for everyone involved, from your team to external partners and collaborators.

We’re here to make it easier for you to get your work done. That’s why Rock provides different ways to collaborate and communicate, all from one centralized place. Streamlining your workflows and processes helps you focus on what matters.

Rock offers a variety of ways for you and your team to stay on top of things. You can use mini-apps such as tasks and notes to communicate, manage, organize, and share information. Rock also boosts your productivity with a files and meetings mini-app, which allows you to integrate video conferencing apps and storage providers.

Available options include Google Drive, DropBox, Onedrive, Miro, Notion and Smartsheet to simplify your workday. If you're a creative or work in the design industry you can also integrate Figma and Adobe Creative Cloud for free in any space.

When a virtual meeting is needed, you and your team can use the Meetings mini-app and use the Zoom, Google Meet, or Jitsi integrations to start or join a meeting—without ever leaving Rock.

This way, you can quickly jump on a video conference call for topics or discussions that are too complex for tasks or emails. You can also add your meeting agenda to notes to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time.

We know it’s key to have tools that make your life easier—that's why we made it completely free to add video-conferencing or different file providers to Rock!

Get down to business with the files mini-app

When you can create and share documents in one place, it's easier to streamline your work.

Centralizing your documents means you won’t need to switch between different apps and platforms to use them. Rock allows you to connect with well-known storage providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and SmartsheetGoogle Drive is a must-have for file storage, productivity, and organization.

With the Google Drive integration in Rock, you can put important details and information where they can be easily accessed and edited. Rock makes it easy to store your files and connect relevant information to each space for your team. Accessing details and documents is more convenient since your Google folders are connected to relevant spaces.

Communicating with clients or collaborating with freelancers, team members, and external partners will be a lot smoother with a connected Google Drive. The best part is that you can finally stop sharing links across platforms to share your files!

You can access, create, and upload Google documents, sheets, slides, and surveys, right from every Rock space. You can also set aside folders or documents in Google Drive to create a to-do list so you can easily manage and keep up with your different workflows.

In addition to storage providers, you can also connect your creative tools such as Figma or Adobe Creative Suite to the files mini-app. This is useful if you work on a lot of different projects and want to access or share progress on a creative project without endlessly searching your different folders.

Make the most of meetings

Sometimes meetings can solve problems more efficiently —especially for remote teams. Virtual meetings can provide an interactive and personal experience. Schedule meetings for situations that can’t be easily addressed any other way.

For example, brainstorming a creative solution to a problem or talking through client feedback on a project. Rock integrates video conferencing into its platform so you can quickly jump on a meeting when something can’t be solved through messaging, tasks, or notes.

You can easily integrate meetings into each Rock space with either Zoom, Jitsi or Google Meet. Log into your Zoom account through Rock and start a meeting in any space by clicking on the Meetings button.

The Google Meet integration works similarly to Zoom, and allows you to quickly start audio or video meetings in any space. If you prefer more open source tools you can always create a quick meeting through Jitsi.

Remember: for meetings, less can be more

Too often, meetings can be a waste of time. We’ve all heard someone say, “this meeting could have been an email.” Sometimes a different type of communication (like a message, note, or task) is better suited than a meeting.

When it comes to meetings, less is always more. Constant meetings can decrease your productivity, drain your team’s energy and lead to toxic work culture. Instead, schedule meetings thoughtfully and only when it's really needed, you can follow our virtual meetings best practices guide to get the most out of them.

Meetings should focus on things like problem-solving, decision-making, or substantive discussion. Schedule meetings only when they’re really needed and stick to an agenda.

Files and meetings boost your productivity by streamlining your work

Platforms should connect to the tools you rely on so you can focus on getting work done. Rock connects to different storage providers and creative tools for free so you can access all your docs, sheets, presentations, or designs and easily share them with anyone.

Additionally, Rock's video-conferencing integrations with Zoom, Google Meet, and Jitsi make it easier to ask questions, have complex discussions, and collaborate with team members.

With so many options at your fingertips, you can simplify your workflows and stay organized at work. All without leaving Rock.

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