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Product Updates


Product update! We have tons of goodies from emojis everywhere to multiple account support, a faster mobile experience, and advanced task features with the Pro and Teams plans available as of today.

Let’s discuss the most important changes in more detail.

Emojis for spaces, messages, and comments

We might have gone a bit emoji crazy, but you can now pick and choose from hundreds of emojis all across Rock.

1️⃣ Emoji space avatars

Instead of being limited to a few space avatars you can now pick from a long list of emojis to find just the right one for your group space.You can change the image of any space by:

  1. Going to your space Settings (top right corner).
  2. Press the icon under the current space image (see image below).
  3. You can query emojis with the Search function or just scroll down and select an emoji from the complete library.
  4. Don't forget to press the Save button that will appear in the top right corner!

2️⃣ More emoji message reactions

You can now also pick from the same emoji library when you want to react to a message because sometimes ❤️ or ? just doesn’t cut it.You can leave a reaction by hovering over a message. An icon similar to ? will appear that opens a panel. If you want to leave a reaction that has already been left before you can also just click on the icon with the number (e.g. "?2")

3️⃣ Emoji reactions on comments

We’ve also added the ability to add an emoji reaction to a task and note comments, making it easier to let people know that you’ve seen a comment and also to let them know what you think about it with an emoji.The function works in the same way that message reactions work.

Multiple Accounts in Rock‍

Have multiple Rock accounts? Fear no more! With seamless account switching you can toggle between different accounts without having to log in and out every time.It is as easy as accessing your settings (press the image in the top left corner) and selecting “Switch Profile” to switch between your personal and work email accounts. By the way, if you signed up with your personal Gmail and now want to switch to your corporate email account you can do that as well in Settings.

Longer Audio Messages

You can now record audio messages without limits. Record everything in a single message instead of having to deal with 1 minute limits for each audio message.

Export Tasks

Export tasks from every space into a JSON or XML file so you always have a backup. If you’re on the Pro or Teams plan you can also export your tasks in a CSV and open this into Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or other applications.

Space Search [Mobile]

Find what you’re looking for with the new space search option! Search for messages, tasks, notes or attachments within any space by tapping on the search icon available in the top right corner of every space.You can narrow down your search to the type of information you are looking for from members to tasks, labels, and a bunch of different parameters!

(Note: Space Search on Web and Desktop coming soon).

Notification Dot on Mobile

We’re making it easier to see if you’ve received a notification on Rock. On both iOS and Android you will now get a red dot on the app icon when you receive a notification on Rock.

Custom Fields [PRO Feature] - Early Access

Customize the Tasks mini-app to suit your workflow by adding custom fields to every task. Add new fields that can be dropdown menus, numerical values, and short descriptions so each task can now include everything from story points to item quantities. Here's how they work:

  1. Access your tasks
  2. Press the gear ⚙️ in the top right corner
  3. Add or remove fields from your tasks to make them as simple or sophisticated as you want. You can add short text, number or dropdown menus to your tasks.

Custom fields are in early access for the PRO and Teams plans -- if you’d like to try them out, please fill out this form and someone from the team can reach out to you.

Recurring Tasks [PRO Feature] - Early Access

Daily check-ins, weekly reports or monthly invoices? Now you don’t need to remind yourself to create another task for these activities as recurring tasks automatically get recreated.

Recurring tasks are in early access for the PRO and Teams plans, if you’d like to try them out, please fill out this form, so someone from the team can reach out to you.

Here’s how it works:

1) Set a due date to a task

2) Select the recurring tasks icon

3) Choose how often you want the task to repeat:a) Dailyb) Weeklyc) Monthly

4) Decide on the interval (daily: exclude weekends | weekly: choose which day(s) | Monthly: choose day of the month)

5) Add to the column where you want the task to appear

6) Add your recurring task

Team Management [TEAMS Feature] - Early Access

Claim your domain within Rock, add admins and manage members more conveniently by signing up for the early access Teams plan.

Curious? Please fill out this form and someone from the team will reach out to you!

All Hands Space for corporate domains‍

Having a difficult time to find your colleagues on Rock?

With the new all hands space, all your colleagues can now easily be found in your domain’s all hands space, making it easier to connect with them once they are on Rock.

Mobile Updates

We’re excited to bring you a faster and much improved mobile experience:

  • Performance improvements and lots of under the hood tweaks
  • Multi-account support
  • Space search
  • Red notification dot on the app icon
  • Emoji directions to comments on tasks/notes
  • Export tasks into JSON/XML
  • Export tasks to CSV, Excel (PRO)
  • Custom task fields (PRO)
  • Recurring tasks (PRO)
  • Change the order of your pinned spaces
  • Reply in message thread view
  • Links in tasks are now clickable
  • Set default view to tasks
  • Longer audio messages
  • New onboarding flow for sign-ups
  • Text editor improvements
  • Bug fix for Rock interfering with Bluetooth audio

Questions about this product release?

Reach out to us in the Rock Customer Support space. We support most major languages and try to respond as soon as we can.

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