Product Update: Teams Plan, Invite by Link, Calendar View and more!





Product Updates


The TEAMS plan is now officially available to everyone! With the TEAMS plan you can more easily work with people across your domain, manage different members across spaces, and up- or downgrade PRO spaces.

We're also making inviting people and collaborating on Rock a lot easier with Invite by Link, Figma integration in the Files mini-app and Calendar View for tasks, (mobile only, web & desktop coming soon)!

TEAMS plan

Work more closely with your team and centrally manage team members across spaces. The TEAMS plan gives you everything in PRO and more. It is now possible to claim a corporate domain and assign manager status to users within your domain allowing them to create their own PRO spaces.

This allows you to better control who has access to your corporate spaces and makes it easier to allow managers to upgrade spaces. The TEAMS plan continues to offer seamless collaboration and communication with users outside of your team, as you can invite them to join any space.

The TEAMS plan starts at just $24.99 per month for 5 managers and unlimited free users!

Note: the TEAMS plan is currently only accessible for accounts registered under a private domain. Gmail and other accounts can not yet upgrade to teams, but we plan on adding this in the near future.

You can follow the steps in this product guide if you are interested in upgrading your plan to TEAMS or learn more about the plan.

Invite by link

Skip sending emails and invite anyone to join a space on Rock through invite links. Invite by link makes it easier to get larger teams and/or communities to move to Rock as you can easily share these links through email, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps.

When you create a new space you will automatically get the invite link after you've created a space. For existing spaces, you can access the invite by link feature by going to space settings and selecting Invitation Links.

This option is only visible for users with member or admin status, not guests.

Note: the invite by link panel will also not be accessible for members if an admin disables the feature in the space.Members and admins can share their own links to invite new users to join them in a space.

It is not possible to invite people to join as admin directly, but you can always upgrade their status once they join the space if you are an admin yourself. There are a few options in the panel:

  • Copying the link: You can copy a link either by pressing the "Copy link" button or selecting the URL and saving it.
  • Reset my link: You can reset your own link, so any existing link you have shared in the past will stop working
  • Reset all invite links (admin only): Reset all the links from people in the space, so any already shared link stops working.

Figma integration

It is now possible to integrate Figma with the Files mini-app. Access designs, discuss your workflow, and keep your different projects better organized with relevant files in every space.

The integration works for both free and premium Figma accounts, and you can decide to add a whole project, or just a page depending on what is relevant to the space. Note that users still have to be given access in Figma before being able to edit the different files.

Google Meet integration‍‍

Start an audio or video call through Google Meets to discuss anything with your team. Available in every space so your team can easily jump on a meeting if needed.

When you start a meeting in a space an event is automatically added to your Google Calendar. This way you can more easily manage your different activities throughout the day.

Calendar view on mobile

You ask, we deliver! If you are using the mobile version of Rock you can now visualize your tasks with a shiny new calendar view on mobile. This makes it easier to know when tasks need to be completed and what your day, week, or month looks like.

You can access the calendar view in both the Tasks mini-app within a space and the My Tasks panel by pressing change view in the top right corner and selecting Calendar. You can also decide whether you want to show completed (in a list with a checkmark) and archived tasks.

Using Rock on web or desktop? Stay tuned to the upcoming releases, the team is working hard on adding the calendar view to all devices. ⏰ In the meantime you can already get familiar with the view on mobile.

More detailed tasks and notes objects in chat

When you create or @ mention a task or note, we're now showing more details about each object so you don't always need to open the task or note.For tasks, you are now able to see the following fields:

  • Space: useful when cross-space mentioning tasks, the first visible field is the icon of the space where the task is present.
  • Number and title: defining the main title of the task and its number.
  • Assignee(s): shares who is working on the task.
  • List: defines what list of your tasks mini-app the task is.

Notes now also give a lot more relevant information. When creating or @mentioning a note, you get the following details:

  • Space: useful when cross-space mentioning note, the first visible field is the space where the note is present.
  • Note Title and number: First line of information in a note
  • Date of creation: the day and time the note was created.
  • User: the user who created the note.
  • Overview: summary of information in the note.

Upgrades to Desktop

We have added a bunch of changes specific to the desktop app. You can access the added features by going to your desktop settings, selecting preferences and adding one of them:

  • Automatically launch at login: You can now launch the desktop app as soon as you restart your computer. This way you don't have to search across apps and can directly start communicating and collaborating with your team members.
  • Notification count in badge: Stay updated on the number of new notifications received in the app. A number will now display in the desktop app icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Tray mode: Add Rock to your menu bar so you can more easily find the app if you are working with a lot of different applications at the same time.

Upgrades to mobile

Besides the Calendar view in the Tasks mini-app there have also been some other changes and improvements to the mobile version of Rock. Check out the summary for what's new and download the mobile app:


  • Tap to Organize on mobile – tap and select any number of messages and turn these into tasks, notes, or comments allowing you to organize and clean up your chat log.
  • Contact list import - easily import all your contacts into Rock and make it easier to invite people to a space.
  • Bug fixes and speed improvements.
  • Deleting a space has been improved.

Messaging improvements

  • Richer event messages for new tasks and notes
  • Improved readability of messages
  • Web links are created automatically without http://

Tasks mini-app ✅

  • Calendar view in tasks mini-app
  • Calendar view in 'My Tasks'

Teams plan

  • Upgrade your account to teams, add managers, manage users across spaces.

Download the mobile app for free

Questions about this product release? Reach out to us in the Rock Customer Support space. We support most major languages and try to respond as soon as we can.

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