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Rock is not only the easiest way to start collaborating, but it’s also the fastest way to start working together. With your own personal Quick Connect anyone can open a space with you on Rock within seconds. 

What you might not know is that you can take Quick Connect anywhere. Instead of sharing an email address or adding a webform to your website, you can instead share your Quick Connect on LinkedIn, a website, email, in person, and more. 

Quick Connect has been around the globe, in over 172 countries to be exact, and there is more to come. It has helped start projects, and begin collaborations, but most importantly Quick Connect has been connecting people on Rock. 

To help you discover just how fast Quick Connect lets you start working together, we are running a contest. All you need to do is share the different places where you added your Quick Connect to enter for a chance to win.

When will the sweepstake take place?

From October 25th till November 8th, we will be powering up your connection with our Quick Connect Anywhere contest.

What are the prizes?

We will select 2 winners at random to receive:

  • 1-year subscription to our TEAMS 5 plan, or a 2-year subscription to PRO.
  • A personalized onboarding session with one of our Product Specialists

How to enter the take me anywhere sweepstake?

  1. Join our space using this link.
  2. You will have one entry into the contest for every public place where you share your Quick Connect. To gain an entry simply share a screenshot and the link to where we can locate your Quick Connect link or QR code in our common space.
    Public places include: LinkedIn Bios, Facebook pages, Twitter posts, public blogs, company websites, etc. More examples of where you can include your Quick Connect are provided below.
  3. Each entry counts twice if you share it with us on Facebook or Twitter instead.
    For example: if you Tweet a link to where your Quick Connect is located along with the hashtag #quickconnectanywhere @ LetsRockHQ. The entry will count for 2, rather than 1. The same applies to Facebook.
  4. Keep in mind that you can only use one channel to share each entry: either in our space, on Twitter, or on Facebook!

Where can I use my Quick Connect?

You can share your Quick Connect in the form of a personalized link or a QR code. Quick Connect can be used anywhere that accepts links or QR codes. Share your link in an email or include the QR code on your website to help anyone quickly get in touch with you. Couple of examples:

1. LinkedIn Bio 

Including an easier way to get in touch with you on LinkedIn can lead to stronger connections. LinkedIn is an important place for you to find clients, partners, and suppliers. By including your Quick Connect in your bio, you can provide them with an easy way to start discussing and collaborating with you. You won’t need to transfer from LinkedIn messages to email to a collaboration tool. With Quick Connect you can directly start working in a space. 

  • Head to your profile, make sure your Creator mode is turned On, and click on the Edit symbol.
  • Scroll down to the Website section & paste your Quick Connect link in the Link section.
  • Then, you will be given the option to create a "Link text" that will show up on your profile such as the one below.

2. Website & Blog

Whether you work in sales or are a marketing agency, the Quick Connect QR code will instantly bring people from your website or blog into a conversation with you. Anyone can follow the Quick Connect link or scan the QR code and open a space with you to chat. You can feature this on your pricing page or customer support page to ensure that current and potential customers have an easy way to get in touch with you. Check out how we do it on our website.

3. Social Media Posts

From Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit to YouTube, you are likely spending many hours engaging with your community. Quick Connect provides you with an easy way to get in touch with your biggest promoters beyond your social media channels. 

You can use Quick Connect to quickly start communities where you foster discussion by providing a direct way for your audience to reach you. Simply add your Quick Connect to a social media post and share it with your audience.

4. Emails & Messages

What if we told you that you can get rid of the pain of losing your conversations and important documents in a sea of emails and messages? You can by using Quick Connect!

Including your Quick Connect link or QR code in your messages to potential partners, customers, and suppliers can help provide you with a place to start collaborating right away. You don’t need to miss out on information that’s shared with you or waste time searching through your inbox to discover all the different messages shared.

Quick Connect is especially useful if you are a freelancer working on websites like Fiverr or Upwork. By sharing your Quick Connect in a message, you can quickly move your collaboration to Rock. Collaborating on Rock gives you access to advanced features such as tasks, reminders, and time-tracking, which enable you to track your feedback, progress and time spent all in one tool.

Now, you should be all set to go. Start connecting, share it with us, and enter our contest to win. For more information on this contest, visit our designated T&C page.

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