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We understand how important it is to visualize meetings, task deadlines, and other essential work events in one place. With Calendar Sync, you can add a space’s tasks with their due dates to your calendar service of choice. Rock tasks can be added to any calendar service that supports the iCalendar format.

📝 Note: This feature is only available for PRO spaces.

This guide will show you how to set up Calendar Sync on Rock and integrate it with two commonly used calendars - Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.

How to Sync Rock Tasks with Your Calendar

Doing this first is essential, as you’ll need the URL this step will generate to get the space’s task to appear on other calendars. In addition, everyone in the space can use the URL to link the space’s due dates with their calendar services.

Follow the steps below to enable Calendar Sync on a Rock PRO space:Go to Space Settings

Click on Calendar Sync

A prompt will appear asking if you want to allow space members to sync the space tasks with their calendars. Click confirm to continue.

Select the parameters you want tasks to be shown on the calendar. You can show your assigned tasks, followed tasks, created tasks, or all of the above.

Copy the URL

Click Done.

Once done, you can go to your chosen iCalendar service to upload the Rock space tasks URL onto the calendar. We’ll show you how to do it in Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.You can check out this article to see which other calendar apps can support Rock’s tasks.

Syncing Rock Tasks with Google Calendar

Since Google Calendar is one of the most used calendar apps out there, thanks to its seamless integration with Gmail and the rest of the Google Suite, we decided to use it as an example with Rock’s Calendar Sync.Here are the steps to integrate with Google Calendar:Go to on Web (If you are not logged in to the account you want to add your Rock tasks, please do so first!)Select Settings

On the settings page, click Add Calendar > From URL, paste the URL you initially copied from the Calendar Sync window, and click Add Calendar.

Alternatively, to open the Settings page and go straight to the URL page, you can click on the + button on the “Other Calendars” settings and click the “From URL” option. From there, you can follow the step before this, where you paste the URL.

Once you successfully add the calendar, they should be able to see the Space calendar on your calendar lists.

Removing Rock Tasks from Google Calendar

Removing your Rock tasks calendar from your Google Calendar is easy. Hover over the Space’s name on your calendar list and click on ‘x.’

Clicking on the ‘x’ will open a prompt allowing you to remove the calendar.

Don’t worry; you can always add the calendar to your Google calendar again by following the steps above!

Syncing Rock Tasks with Apple Calendar

We also wanted to show that Rock’s calendar sync works with certain built-in desktop calendar apps. This guide will show you how to do it in the macOS built-in Apple Calendar.Open your Apple Calendar App and click on File on the desktop menu bar.

Click on New Calendar Subscription

Paste the URL you initially copied from the Calendar Sync window and click Subscribe.

A popup will appear that will allow you to set the calendar name and some other notification and update settings. Click OK once you’re done.

You should be able to see the Space calendar on your calendar lists after clicking OK.

Removing Rock Tasks from Apple Calendar

To remove your Rock Tasks from your Apple Calendar, click on the name of the space you subscribed to, right-click (or two-finger click on a macOS device), and click Unsubscribe.

A prompt will open asking you to unsubscribe from the Calendar. Confirm the action by clicking Unsubscribe.

Don’t worry! Unsubscribing is not permanent, and you’ll be able to add your Rock calendar again by following the simple steps above.

The steps for other calendars are the same; you’ll need to enter settings or find the option that allows you to add or subscribe to new calendars, and then paste the URL on the space’s Calendar Sync popup. Once confirmed, your calendar should start being populated by the space’s tasks.

Disabling Calendar Sync from a Space

Disabling Calendar Sync from a space disables synchronization with other calendar services. Anyone using this URL will lose the connection to their calendar once it's been disabled.Here are the steps to disable calendar sync:Go to Space Settings

Click on Calendar Sync

Click on Disable

A popup will appear with a warning on the link disabling for all members in the space. Click confirm if you want to continue with disabling calendar sync.

If you want to enable calendar sync again, you can follow the steps above on enabling calendar sync. Note that it will generate a brand new link, so you can’t just reuse the link you had integrated or subscribed to before.

If you have questions or feedback about Calendar Sync or other features, chat with us via the Rock Support and Updates channel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Calendar Sync

My task isn’t appearing on the calendar. Why is that?

Tasks won’t appear in the calendar unless they have set due dates. Double check the task to see if they have due dates.

This guide only shows Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. I don’t use any of those. Can I still sync my Rock tasks?

Yes, as long as they have the iCal specification. You can learn more about iCal here.

Will new tasks that I create be shown on the calendar?

Yes, as long as the integration is live and you don’t remove the subscription from the calendar app, it should automatically update.

Can anyone use the space calendar sync URL to link the tasks to their calendar?

Yes, any space member can sync their calendar with Rock using the URL, provided it’s not been disabled.

Can anyone disable the calendar sync URL?

No, only the admin can disable calendar sync on a space.

If I disable and re-enable calendar sync on a space, will it have the same URL?

No, the URL will be different for every new instance enabling calendar sync in a space.

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