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The duplicate tasks feature allows you to save precious time while managing and setting up your spaces in Rock. You can both duplicate tasks to the same space and duplicate tasks over to other spaces. Duplicate tasks are included in the Unlimited plan.

How to duplicate a task

Step 1: Enter the task you want to duplicate

Step 2: Press the three dots in the top right corner

Step 3:Press "Duplicate Task"

Step 4: Edit any fields you want and choose the list or space you want to see the duplicated task, then click on "Add Task" in the top right corner.

A duplicate task will be assigned to the list the parent task is in (unless changed) and the same space the parent task is in (unless changed).


Fields that are duplicated

Duplicated fields copy the information of the original task. You are still able to make changes to them if you want to do so.

  • The space a task is in
  • The list a task is in
  • Task title
  • Task priority
  • Task labels
  • Task description
  • Task checklist

Fields that are not duplicated

Some fields are emptied when you duplicate the task. In the duplicate task view, you can still make changes to them and format them according to the work you need to get done.

If a task is moved from a PRO space to a Free space, all exclusive PRO functionality will be lost from that task.

Duplicating tasks across spaces

Duplicating tasks across spaces makes it easier to set up multiple spaces with similar tasks for activities such as client onboardings, marketing projects, or product development. They might also be used when a task has been completed in a previous development phase, and you want to move it over to a new space.

Check out the video below for more information on duplicating tasks across spaces:

The process is the same as duplicate tasks within the same space, but at the top of the view, you can select a drop-down menu to choose what space you would like to move the task to.

You can duplicate tasks both to 1:1 and Group spaces. If you have a lot of different spaces, you can also find the space in the search bar.

You can reach out for help in the Rock Customer Support space on Rock if you have questions about using duplicate tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions on Duplicating Tasks

Is duplicating tasks available for free users?

No. Duplicating tasks is available only to the Unlimited plan users.

Some elements are not duplicated. Why is that?

As mentioned in the guide above, some elements cannot be duplicated and must be set manually. To reiterate, these are:

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