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Paid plans


It's easier than ever to upgrade to Unlimited! Offer a free month of Unlimited to a new signup and receive 20 USD off your own Unlimited Plan.

Who can qualify?

A few basic conditions apply to successfully redeem a Give Get reward.

1. The user must be a first-time signup.

2. The account must make use of the offer.

The 20 USD in balance can be redeemed once a user has made their first payment on the unlimited plan.

How it works

Every user has a personalized upgrade link that offers one free month of Unlimited to new signups. These links can be found in user settings under "Give Unlimited”.

Sharing your link

New signups who click on the personalized link will be redirected to a payment page where they can redeem the offer. On mobile, the link can be manually entered when signing up.

The signup will need to manually enter their credit card information, but they will not be charged for the first month. After the initial month, they will be automatically enrolled in the monthly subscription.

To discontinue automatic payments after the free trial, the user must cancel the plan before the trial's end.


Keeping track of your links

"Give Get" includes a panel that tracks new signups generated through your link, allowing for reminders or follow-up messages if needed. 

The panel displays active signups under five categories: All, Available, Pending, Redeemed, and Expired. Use the dropdown option to filter and manage active link redemptions.

Redeeming your rewards

To redeem rewards, select the checkbox next to users with available rewards. If redeeming rewards exceeds the installment cost on the plan, the remaining value will not carry over to the next billing period. 

On an unlimited plan, redeemed rewards will be discounted from the next billing period.

You have 30 days to redeem your reward. Once it's redeemed and added to your balance, it doesn’t expire, but it does not carry over to the next payment.

Questions and Answers

Is there a limit to the number of times I can share Rock with others?

There is no limit on the number of times a code can be redeemed!

Is the available balance under the program transferable across accounts on Rock? 

“Give Get” rewards are not transferable among accounts so make sure that your team uses the same URL when inviting new people.

Can I give a month of Unlimited to a user that is already on Rock?

No, It is not possible to give a month of unlimited to a user who has already signed up to Rock.

Can I give multiple months of unlimited to the same user?

No, it is only possible to give one month of unlimited to a user.

Can I give a month of Unlimited to a user that has already upgraded? 

No, it is impossible to give a month of unlimited to users already on the unlimited plan.

Are rewards stackable?

Yes! You receive 20 USD in credit to upgrade within Rock,

I am already on Unlimited, what are the benefits when I gift Rock to new users?

Definitely! The 20 USD rewards are discounted from your next billing period. If you are on a monthly plan, the amount will be deducted from your next installment. If you are on an annual plan the same logic applies.

If you gathered multiple rewards (i.e., successfully gifted Rock 3 times), then those rewards are stackable on your next billing period.

Do I also receive rewards within the credit program when someone uses the Give Get link? 

Yes! You also receive credits within the credit program when someone uses the link. This means that you can earn an additional 11 credits (1 for the signup and 1 if they are a new corporate domain) when someone uses your give get link.

Can the 20 USD in balance expire?

No, the balance you earn through the program does not expire.

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