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Track hours spent on individual tasks by enabling the time tracker in PRO spaces. Keep an eye on priorities, work with freelancers, supervise team members and improve your overall productivity with this dedicated task feature.

Start a new time track right within tasks

The time tracking feature is available within every individual task view. Make sure that you're working in a PRO space. Note that the time tracker is an additional item you get with the Unlimited plan.

You can enable the tracking feature by pressing the time tracking icon in the top of the task description. Time tracking will automatically start once you select the icon for it.

You can end the session by clicking on the same icon again when you are done with tracking time for that task.

📝 Note: While you need to be a member to enable the time tracker, you can always remove yourself as an assignee after the time tracking has been completed.

It is not possible to track time on tasks where you are not an assignee. Clicking on the icon for a task you are not a member prompts a disclaimer which asks you to add yourself as an assignee or cancel the action.

Track time from the individual time tracker panel

Once time tracking is enabled, a new panel becomes available. This dedicated panel gives insight on the tasks you are tracking and activities that you tracked in the past.

Note that this panel will only highlight your own time tracking activities, not other users within your plan.

You can access this panel by clicking on the time tracker icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, right above the credit program.

📝 Note: the time tracker can still be accessed when you’re currently tracking time. Pressing on the button will bring you to the main panel and not stop your current timer.

General information displayed on the panel

The panel provides some additional information on the tasks you have tracked in that past. You can view the following metrics based on your activity in a chosen past time period:

  • Total time spent: This is a sum of the number of hours you have tracked in total across your different time tracking sessions.
  • Tasks in progress: This summarized the number of tasks you have worked on in a timeframe which are not yet in a list with a checkmark.
  • Tasks completed: Tasks are moved to completed once they are added to a list that has a checklist on it.

Managing tasks you are currently working on

You can use this panel to start tracking new tasks or manage a time track you enabled on the task level. There are two ways you can stop tracking time for active tasks:

  • Main listing: On the top of the panel there is a ‘now working on’ section. Click on the stop icon to the right of that entry if you want to stop tracking an item.
  • Spaces list: A red button will appear next to the task that is currently being tracked in the spaces list. If you wish to stop tracking time, you can do so by selecting the stop icon highlighted in the image below.

After stopping a time track you can start a new session for the same task or other activities in the same panel.

There are two ways to enable a new session: now working on or the icon next to recently tracked activities:

  • Now working on: Select a space and individual task you want to start working on in one of your spaces. Then click on ‘start’ to initiate the time tracker.
  • Recently tracked activities: If you were recently tracking a different activity, you can continue tracking it by pressing the start button to the right side of the view. This will continue the overall count for the task and start a new activity on the time tracker.

📝 Note: if a space is not appearing in the dropdown for option 1, please refresh your view on web or re-enter your account for desktop.

Filtering the time tracking panel

There are multiple available filters on the time tracking panel: time period and task filters.

For the time period: Select the time period dropdown to highlight tasks tracked across different time intervals. Available options include: this week, last week, this month and last month.

For task filters: You can filter by spaces, assignees, assignee status, due date, priority, label, sprint. Filters are stackable, meaning that you can filter tracked tasks on more than one condition.

To add a new filter, press the filter button in the top of the view. From there select ‘add new’ to pick a category. Once the category is selected, a you can select an option from the dropdown menu.

Time Board in the management dashboard

The management dashboard provides access to a new panel once the time tracker has been enabled. Note that this panel is only accessible to paid plan purchasers and managers.

The time board can be accessed between ‘task board’ and ‘summary’.

Group by views for the time board

There are three different group by filters on the task board: spaces, tasks and assignees.

Each one will slightly change the view of the panel based on time tracked in the different variables. Toggle between the different groups while keeping your filters enabled to review time spent on different activities.

Available filters in the time board

There are a variety of filtering options on the management task board: search bar, advanced filtering and task visibility toggles.

You can use the search bar to query for information based on words that are in the task title or description within that task. it just filters out tasks with results not matching the search word, and ranks queries with the term by most recently updated.

You can also add advanced filters to the time board. Press ‘Filter’ to access the functionality. If you don’t have any filters applied yet, then press ‘add filter’ in the right corner to add your first filter. Filter the time board view for the following fields:

  • Spaces
  • Assignees
  • Assignee status
  • Due date
  • Priority
  • Label
  • Sprint

If you have manually selected spaces from All spaces, there is also a "Workspace" filter option.

Additionally, you can also change the view depending on the time interval you want to view. Available options include: this week, last week, this month and last month.

You can edit the setting for it by clicking on the dropdown and selecting the correct option.

Exporting tracked time

If you want to work with your tracked time outside of Rock, you can easily export the time tracked from both the individual time tracker or time board. To do so, select "export" in the top right corner of the time tracker.

You can opt to export all tasks living in the time tracker or for the export to follow the filters you already applied. The following fields are exported in CSV format:

  • Date: When time was tracked for a certain task
  • Space: In which space time was tracked
  • Task: The title of a task
  • Member: The given name of a user in your team
  • List: The list in the tasks mini-app where the task is during export (i.e. To do or done)
  • Started: Timestamp when the user started tracking time
  • Stopped: Timestamp when the user stopped tracking time

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy a time tracker without purchasing the Unlimited plan?

No, for the time tracker to work you need PRO spaces. Without purchasing the Unlimited plan you would not have PRO spaces to use the time tracker in.

Can I track multiple tasks at the same time?

At the moment it is only possible to track one task at a time. If you track a task and start tracking the next one, previous tracking is automatically stopped. This can be convenient because you dont miss out on time between stopping one task and starting the next one.

Is it possible to track time without directly adding it to a task?

Time tracking activity is only available within the Tasks mini-app. It is currently not possible to track time without connecting it to a task.

Is it possible to track time for another user?

It is currently not possible to start a time track for another user. You can, nevertheless, see how much a user has tracked in the past if you have access to the time board in the management dashboard.

Can I use the time tracker on free spaces?

Free spaces do not have time tracker functionality enabled. You will not be able to access the functionality even if you’re under paid plan. Change the space to PRO to start the functionality.

What happens to tracked time in a space if I downgrade it to FREE?

You will be able to see past time tracking activities from that space in your individual time tracker and the time board in the management dashboard. Nevertheless, it will not be possible to continue tracking the tasks from that space until you change it to PRO again.Nevertheless, you can stop active trackers from a downgraded space.

Who has access to the time board in the management dashboard?

Purchasers or managers under the Unlimited plan will be able to view the summary of tracked items across team members and PRO spaces. Free users and team members not upgraded to manager under the Unlimited plan will not be able to access this functionality.

Can I track time on a note or topic?

It is currently not possible to track time on a note or topic.

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