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Import your chats from WhatsApp to different 1:1 or group spaces on Rock. This makes it easier for anyone to migrate their conversations from WhatsApp to Rock without losing the chat history.

Continue exchanging messages with the same team members while also getting access to tasks, notes, files, and meetings in every space on Rock. Rock is a WhatsApp alternative that allows you to do so much more than just messaging.

How can I export a chat out of WhatsApp?

You can export any chat from WhatsApp within seconds. Follow these simple steps to export any group or 1:1 chat from WhatsApp:

  1. Enter WhatsApp and enter your user settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  2. Select ‘chats’ from the option menu.
  3. Select ‘Export Chat’ from the option menu
  4. Select the chat you would like to export from the menu
import from WhatsApp

5. You can select either ‘Attach media’ or ‘Do not attach media’. Note that when media is attached the actual files are currently not yet uploaded, only their names.  

6. Export the chat and save the zip file on your device (make sure not to unzip it before uploading it to Rock in the next section) or directly select Rock from the apps menu.

How to import a WhatsApp Chat to Rock

1. Import a chat directly after export

You can directly export a chat to Rock when saving. When looking at the different available apps to share it to, select Rock. This will directly start the import process.

import from WhatsApp select rock

After that, you can continue the import process by following the section below from step 4.

2. Import a chat manually from Rock

You can import a chat within Rock within a few simple steps:

  1. Go to user settings and scroll down to the ‘importers’ section
  2. Select import from WhatsApp in the panel
  3. Select the zip file of the WhatsApp chat that you would like to add.
  4. Select the Rock space you want to import your WhatsApp chat to or create a new space to host the messages.

5. [Optional] Map the users you are importing: Directly invite WhatsApp users to Rock so messages are assigned to the correct sender. You can add team members through email or phone number and set their messages to be directly associated with them. Mapping automatically invites users to a space, if you don’t map, then messages cannot be connected to users in the future.

📝 Note: If users are not yet on Rock they will receive an email invite to the space you imported, make sure to add their email.

6. Confirm the import.

7. Success! Your messages and users will now be added to a Rock space. You will see a notification and an ‘imported’ tag to imported messages. New messages will not have this tag.

Add your WhatsApp files to Rock with a Google Drive integration

While the original import does not directly import your files, you can still make all WhatsApp files accessible in your Rock space with a Google Drive integration.

1. After exporting your chat, import it to Google Drive or another location.

2. Download the zip on a device and unzip it to view all the files.

3. Upload all files from your zip folder to a Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive account.

4. Integrate the respective Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive folder to your imported Rock space.

5. Success! You can now access all your WhatsApp files right from within the Files mini-app.

Accepted locales for importing chats to Rock

The import from WhatsApp functionality currently supports the following locales:

- English/Australia

- English/Canada

- English/India

- English/UK

- English/USA

- French/Canada

- French/France

- German/Germany

- Hindi/India

- Italian/Italy

- Japanese/Japan

- Korean/Korea

- Polish/Poland

- Portuguese/Brazil

- Portuguese/Portugal

- Russian/Russia

- Russian/Ukraine

- Spanish/Mexico

- Spanish/Spain

- Ukrainian/Ukraine

Other locales might work but have not been tested. If you are trying to import from WhatsApp and your locale is not accepted, first check whether you exported the chat without files.

If your import is still not working after that, please reach out to us in the Rock Customer Support Space or through this link.

Questions and answers

Can I import multiple chats into one space?

It is possible to import multiple chats into one space. Note that it might become harder to find back information as you import large amounts of information from different WhatsApp chats.

Can I import the same chat into multiple spaces?

You can import the same chat into as many spaces as you want. Both 1:1 and group.

Does the import directly invite my team members?

Yes, team members are directly added to spaces or invited upon adding their email or phone number.

Can I not assign any messages to anyone?

Sure, you can choose not to map any of the importers.

Can I import 1:1 conversations to 1:1 spaces on Rock?

Yes, you can import your 1:1 conversations to as many 1:1 or group spaces as you want.

Does the import from WhatsApp feature on Rock support file uploads?

No, the feature does currently not support file uploads, so make sure to tick ‘export without files’ for the time being.

Is import from WhatsApp completely free?

Yes! Import from WhatsApp as many times as you want for free.

Why should I import my chat from WhatsApp to Rock?

Importing your chats to Rock makes it easier for team members to get used to the functionality. As you can continue conversations nothing is lost but you can now start creating tasks, notes, topics and send unlimited messages for free.

Why is Rock better than WhatsApp?

Besides sending messages, you can create unlimited tasks, notes, and topics with anyone in and outside of your team. Learn more about why Rock is better than WhatsApp here.

I invited someone and they did not accept, will their messages disappear?

No, their messages will not disappear if they fail to accept your invitation.

I want to map a user differently after an import, can I still do that?

No, it’s currently not possible to map a user differently after you have imported your messages, so make sure to map all correct user emails in a space. Alternatively, you can create a new space and do the import there. This would allow you to assign the correct people to their respective messages while importing the chat again.

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