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The @mention anything makes it easier for anyone to discuss tasks or update teammates in-depth. This functionality allows you to easily @mention tasks, topics, notes, users, files, and spaces in a thread or message, allowing you to connect conversations and documentation with tasks better to be completed.

It lets you get teammates' attention as @mentioning them will notify them.You can type @ on the space, the comments section, or the body section to use the function. This will then bring down a popup showing the elements you need to include. You can then find the element (task/topic/note/attachment/etc.) based on its number and name in your space.

@mention items across spaces

You can easily tag users and cross-reference tasks, notes, spaces, and topics by @mentioning them in the chat box or comments section. Since we promote an asynchronous way of working, we want to make it easier for you to quickly reference existing documentation in conversations or call the right person's attention to a message.

On top of that, Rock also has some inter-space mention features that allow you to discuss tasks from other spaces in every chat. You can follow these three easy steps to cross-reference space tasks in the chat:

  1. Select or write @space and choose the space from which you want to mention a task.
  2. Select or write "Task" and choose the task you want to discuss.
  3. When sending your message, the information bar will automatically appear.

You’ll need to remember that users will not be able to access mentioned tasks if they are not part of the said space.Mentioning tasks across spaces is handy when different projects or spaces are interconnected. It can also come in handy if you want to give someone a heads up about a task update from a project in your shared 1:1 space, so don’t discount the power of the specific @mention feature!

Frequently Asked Questions About @mention Anything

Can I mention anything in the comments even though I’m just a guest?

Yes, you can mention elements in the comments section of tasks, topics, and notes. In the comments, you can also mention tasks, topics, notes, and attachments from other spaces. The only restriction you’ll have in this role is being able to mention anything in the body or description of notes, tasks, and topics.

Can I change the mentioned elements in the description or body?

You can only change the description or body of topics, tasks, and notes if you have the member or admin role in a space. If you’re a guest, you can only comment on tasks.

How come I can’t see the item that my colleague mentioned?

It might be that the task/note/topic mentioned is in a space you’re not part of. You won’t be able to see or go to those items unless you’re a part of the space.

The mention doesn’t include the task name. Is there a way to see this without opening the task?

Yes, you can see the task name on the tooltip when hovering over the mention if you’re a part of the space from which the item is being mentioned. If the item is in the message, an object is also created below the message, including extra info for each mentioned task, note, topic, or attachment.

Can I mention everyone in a given space without listing them all by name?

Yes, you can. Use the @everyone mention to get the attention of everyone in the space.

Will the person I mention getting notified?

Mentioned users will get system notifications or email if they have it set in their notifications settings. If a user has muted the space they’re mentioned at; then they won’t be getting notifications. However, an activity will always be created in the user’s Activities panel if they’re mentioned.

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