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Getting started


New tools can be challenging to get started on, especially when you've already got processes and workflows set in place. It's also equally challenging to find remote work tools that will work as well, if not better, than the ones you're currently using.Now that remote and hybrid work is here to stay, you should ensure that your team is well-equipped to last by providing workflows that reduce fatigue while improving productivity.Throughout this post, you'll get a run through some of Rock's essential functions and integrations to help you rock the workplace sooner than later.

📝 Rock Team tip: You can watch our onboarding webinar below if you want to see Rock's features explained by our Product Specialists.

Getting started with Rock is easy. All you need to do is sign up to access spaces, tasks, notes, topics, and files. In the FREE version of Rock you can invite up to 10 people per group space and collaborate with colleagues and external stakeholders at no additional cost. On the Unlimited plan, you can create an unlimited number of group spaces and invite as many people as you need.

In Rock, every space is its self-contained project management, messaging, and note-taking environment in one. Once set up, all of Rock's mini-apps and integrations are available in every space, whether it's a 1:1 space or a Group space.

  • 1:1 spaces: personal chats or direct messages. This space will only be between you and the person you invited to the space. You can create an unlimited amount of 1:1 spaces on both FREE and Unlimited plans.
  • Group spaces: Invite people relevant to the project so that anyone can stay updated through a combination of messages, tasks, topics, and notes. On the Unlimited plan you can create an unlimited number of group spaces. If you are on the FREE version, you can create up to 3 group spaces.

Frictionless onboarding with imported information

If you're a company jumping ship, there are several import options to allow you to bring data and information to Rock seamlessly. Check out how to import tasks or messages from popular tools through these dedicated product guides.

Adding your team to your spaces

Spaces are the lifeblood of Rock. Each space has its project management suite to help any team keep track of ongoing task management without constantly checking on different apps.

If you want to look at Rock's project management capabilities more in-depth, you can check out this article that discusses project management on Rock.

When onboarding your team, you can add new people to Rock or spaces in a variety of different ways:

  • Email: Input their email address, and people receive an invite straight to their inbox.
  • Invite links: Generate a link that you can send to people. For example, you can have two separate links per role (member or guest).
  • Phone number: Invite people by their mobile number.
  • Quick Connect: Share your QR or Quick Connect code anywhere. This will redirect people to open space with you directly. You can access this code by going to settings and selecting quick connect.

You can send invites to people as you create a space or through space settings.

Rethink how you communicate with your team

With Rock, it's easier to improve team communication strategies by enabling better discussions across the board. The app's complete project management suite empowers teams to collaborate better and empowers team members to work independently. In addition, its features allow for more mindful conversations between team members and within projects.

Proper messaging is essential to Rock because it's how teams can build a culture of trust and communication within each other. So each space comes with a chat mini-app which is the central place where people can chat about anything.

Don't forget that if things get a little too detailed, you can use the Topics mini-app to keep all information in one place. Each topic also has its own comments section so space members can have robust discussions without the need to scatter information across spaces.

The Topics mini-app also keeps the chat mini-app clean and tidy as all exhaustive information is housed on a topic.This approach to messaging and putting things in the right place means that teams are primed to do productive work without the need to be online simultaneously because the information is sorted correctly and can easily be found by those who need it.

Connect design and cloud storage providers to your spaces

Rock allows you to easily connect and integrate files from your design and cloud storage providers. Once cloud integration is successful, you can easily link files from those cloud storage into any space.

Linked files can then be attached to chats, tasks, topics, and notes, improving project coordination and collaboration through improved documentation and file sharing.In addition, if there are files uploaded by teammates or other stakeholders that you'd want to keep in handy, you can always set them aside for easy access.

Download Rock on your different devices

Building a habit with a new platform is much easier when you have it accessible across your different devices. Rock is available across various platforms to make sure your team can seamlessly access updates.Make sure to share the different options with you in the first days:

  • Desktop App: Rock's desktop app is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Mobile App: Rock has a full-fledged mobile app to bring Rock anywhere with you. Available on Google Play and iOS.
  • Web App: You can access Rock on all major browsers, including Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.

Start Rocking Your Work Now!

Rock's app onboarding process is as frictionless as possible so that it's easier for individuals and teams alike to jump into an app that will help you work better by allowing you to focus on the signal and not the noise.

Whatever your workflows and needs are, Rock is there to help you keep things organized and in one place.

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