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Rock offers a Google Drive integration in the Files mini-app to improve asynchronous workflows. Having a mix of file sharing and meeting tools is essential to maximize productivity.

The Google Drive integration in the Files mini-app helps promote better collaboration through robust documentation that team members or space members can easily access.

How to add Google Drive to Rock?

Google Drive is an account-based integration. Once you connect your Drive, you will be able to connect folders and files to different spaces without repeating these steps.Remember that you must have member or admin permissions in a space if you want to add folders or create documents in Google Drive.

To add Google Drive to Rock, follow these steps:

Step 1: enter the files mini-app and select Google Drive

Step 2: Click the Google Drive button, and you'll be redirected to a Google sign-in screen

Step 3:  You will be asked to grant Rock permission to connect with your Drive

You will automatically be redirected to the Rock space where you set up the integration once complete. In addition, it is now possible to add folders from your connected Drive to your different Rock spaces.

Adding Google Drive Files and Folders to spaces?️

You can add folders and files that are your own or shared with you to the Files mini-app of a space. However, a file needs to exist in a folder to be uploaded to Rock.

All subsequent folders and files in that parent folder will be accessible from the Files mini-app in your space when you add a folder. All you have to do is click on the folder to access it.

📝 Note:Users will not be able to access the folders in the spaces unless you have given them permission in Google Drive. Ensure that you update user permissions in Drive if you want them to access files and folders within Rock.

If you want to go back while in a subfolder, press the < Folder on the top left corner of the Files view.

You can press this button to open a connected Google Drive folder or file in a new tab.

Once you've successfully linked folders to a Files mini-app in a Space, you can add additional services via the blue + button on the lower right-hand corner of the Files view.

Creating Google Drive Files on Rock ?

Once you've integrated a Google Drive account and successfully linked folders to a space, you'll be able to create Google Drive files from your space.

First, you'll need to add the new files to an existing folder. To create new files or upload files from your device to your Google Drive folders, click on the blue + button on the bottom right-hand corner of the Files view. You'll need to make sure that you're inside a Google Drive folder before doing so.

📝 Note: This is almost similar to how to add other Drive services to your Files mini-app. So make sure that you have clicked on a Google Drive folder first to get the option to add files.

Make sure you have permissions in the folder before uploading a file. Otherwise, you'll be restricted from doing so. Google Drive permissions decide what actions can be done in the folder. So if a guest on Rock has editing rights to a Google Drive folder, they can create new files in that folder, but they cannot remove the folder where they added new files.

Using the Google Drive Integration Across Your Rock Workspace ?

The integration is compatible with other functions within Rock, so you can easily access important information across spaces, tasks, and notes.

Set Aside Google Drive Folders & Files

You can Set Aside files and folders if you want to check up on them at a later time. Go to a file you want to set aside, hover on it, and click on the timer icon.

Once you've set aside a file, you can access them in the Set Aside panel on the left of the Rock screen. You can remove Files from the Set Aside panel by pressing the X or in the Files mini-app by pressing the set aside icon again.

Link to Tasks and Notes

You can add Google Drive cloud folders and files to tasks and notes in the attachments section of the object. Click on the "Link Cloud Storage" option to link a file to a specific task or note.

📝 Note: Linking files or folders to tasks doesn't work when entering tasks in board view.

Removing Documents or the Integration from a Space ✂️

Removing folders

You can remove folders from a Google drive integration by pressing the red unlink button. Everything connected to that folder won't be accessible in the space but will still exist in its owners' Google Drive. Of course, you can always re-add a folder to the space if needed.

You'll need to have member or admin permission in the space to remove folders. If you added a folder when you had admin or members status and have downgraded to a guest, you could still remove your own added folders.

You can only remove the linked folder, not a subfolder or document. If you want to remove access to a particular subfolder or document within a folder, you can either:

  • Remove the information from the master folder in Google Drive.
  • Or unlink the master folder and manually add subfolders except for the one you don't want to be visible in the space.

Removing the integration

You can remove the Google Drive integration by going to user settings > Authorized Apps > press Disconnect.Once you remove the integration from your account, the connected folders and files won't be accessible in the spaces it's linked to but will still exist in the Files mini-app.

You can reauthorize access after disconnecting Google Drive on a previously connected folder. Once you re-integrate Google Drive, all folders in your different spaces will become available again.

If you want your folders not to be accessible once you remove the integration, you will have to unlink the folders from your spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What happens to folders in the Files mini-app when someone leaves/is removed from a space?

When you leave or are removed from a space, your folders will be automatically disconnected from the Files mini-app. If you re-enter the space, you will have to manually add the folders again.

What would happen to my folders and files if I were to delete my account?

When you leave a space, all folders you linked in that space will get unlinked. All files (attachments) uploaded to that space will remain accessible to other space members. If all members leave the space, then the files and folders are fully erased.

What happens to folders and files from suspended accounts?

Folders from suspended accounts will still be available for access in the space unless they are deleted or removed from the spaces where the files exist.

What happens if I move my folder to a different location on Google Drive? Will I have to add it again?

The folder will still be accessible in a space, but user permissions might change. Some users might gain or lose access depending on the changes you make to the folder or the permissions available in the new destination.

What happens to folders in a space if they are deleted from Google Drive?

It will appear that we cannot find the folder, and no one will be able to access the information. Folders and files that are contents will disappear when reopened. You can unlink the deleted folder to remove it from your Files mini-app.

Can I give a user permission to access a folder from Rock?

No, you'll need to grant access permissions to the user through Google Drive.

Can the Rock Team see what is inside the folders I connect to my spaces?

No, the integration adds the information to your space. We are not able to see what documents you have in your folder. Additionally, if users in space don't have permissions, they won't be able to access information, either.

Is there an upload limit to my folders in Google Drive?

Upload limits are irrespective of Rock. Make sure to check your storage limits on Google Drive.

What happens to folders and files if everyone leaves a group space?

As soon as all members leave the space, all file storage information and integrations are removed.

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