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Access creative files from Figma

Integrate with Figma and keep your design files close
Rock files mini-app highlighting the Figma IntegrationFigma integration highlight mobile

Getting started with Figma is easy

Step 1

Select Figma in the Files mini-app

Click in ‘Files’ in the top of your space. Then select Figma from the available cloud storage integrations.

You only have to authenticate Figma to your account once.

Cloud file integrations panel with Figma integration highlightRock Files mini-app select Figma integration
Step 2

Select the Figma folder

Select which folder you want to add to individual spaces.

All your files and pages become directly accessible to every space member who has permissions on Figma.

Figma select a folder to integrate in a spaceFigma integration select cloud files to add to spaces
Step 3


Your Figma folders are now integrated to the Files mini-app.

Browse folders and quickly access your designs.

Integrated Figma folder in a Rock collaboration spaceCompleted Figma integration in a Rock space
Highlight Figma integration on Rock attach designs to task descriptions

Pair Figma with tasks

Attach your Figma wireframes, designs and mocks
to individual task descriptions.

Integrate your Figma designs to your workflows

Add Figma folders to spaces and share designs with your team, clients, freelancers or partners.

Questions & answers

Is the Figma integration for Rock free?

With our Figma integration, you can collaborate on projects for free with other members in any space - be it 1:1, group, or personal.

Attach your design files to topics, tasks and notes so that everyone has access to the most updated versions.

How do I remove the Figma integration from Rock?

You can delete the Figma integration by going to your user settings -> authorized apps -> disconnect. If you want more insight on how Figma works with Rock, read this in-depth integration guide.

Do I have to authorize Figma for every space?

You only have to authorize Figma to your account once. After that you can add folders to any space where you have member or admin permissions.

Will Figma files automatically be added to a space?

You have to individually add new folders to spaces for them to be accessible to space users.

Who can access my attached Figma files?

Files can only be accessed by people who have an account on Figma that has been granted access permission.

Users can see the name and location of the files on Rock, but not access it unless they have the correct permissions on Figma.

Who can add new Figma files to my spaces?

To add a Figma folder to a space, users must have either member or admin permissions.

Users who only have guest permissions can view and access already uploaded folders, but they cannot add new ones from their own account.

Is the Figma integration safe?

The Figma Integration on Rock is not only secure, but account-based access control guarantees that only authorized users are permitted to enter projects added the Files mini-app.

What is Figma?

Figma is a design tool that allows teams to create complex designs, interface mockups and illustrations.

The platform has a wide variety of features, including drawing shapes, importing images, editing text and creating symbols.