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Product Updates


We know a lot of teams use Rock to manage projects with freelancers, clients, and agencies so we’ve decided to make all of this a little bit easier. With this release we’re introducing a management dashboard for PRO spaces, a brand-new Time Tracker, and custom and active user status in the TEAMS plan.

We’ve also made TEAMS available to every domain, so you can now benefit from all the advanced features that come with this plan. With all these improvements, we are running a special promotion.

Anyone who signs up for an annual TEAMS plan or new Time Tracker in the upcoming week will receive 10% OFF with the promotion code OCTOBER10.

Questions about the Time Tracker or the benefits of the TEAMS plan? Reach out to us at

Management dashboard

The Management Dashboard provides a summary of tasks across all your PRO spaces. Paid users get a Board View and Summary View of all tasks across spaces that were changed to PRO under the plan.

The Board View allows you to organize information based on group and filter by user, space, label and so much more. This makes it easier to see what is happening across your spaces and allows you to prioritize new action items.

The Summary View gives insight into tasks that were recently started, completed or stale within your team. This allows you to reprioritize and keep track of items that are being completed in time as well as tasks that are taking longer than expected.

If you add Time Tracker to your paid plan, the dashboard will also display tasks that have been consuming a lot of time allowing you to keep an eye on these. Free users can also access the panel with some limitations on which tasks and spaces you can see. Learn more about the management dashboard here.

Time tracker

Track how much time is spent on individual tasks by adding a time tracker to every PRO space. This makes it easier to keep priorities in check, work with freelancers, supervise team members and improve your overall productivity.

The Time Tracker also comes with a dedicated panel in the management dashboard, so you can get more insight into the hours users spend on tasks in your PRO spaces.

Time Tracker is a paid add-on to the PRO and TEAMS plans, so purchase the add-on on a yearly plan with a 10% discount using the code OCTOBER10 by going here.

User Status and Active Status

Rock now gives you two different ways to share if you’re online and what you’re working on. Active Status is available on the TEAMS plan and highlights when people are online and active on Rock. This feature is available for claimed domains and can also be enabled for workspaces on the TEAMS plan.

If you have a corporate domain that has been claimed you can enable this feature for all users on your domain which allows users to share their active status. For each workspace, you can individually enable this for all spaces in that workspace.

Users can choose to disable sharing their Active Status through Settings. This feature is only available on the TEAMS plan. Learn more about how this feature works by checking out the dedicated product guide.

For a limited time only, upgrade in the upcoming week and receive 10% OFF with the promotion code OCTOBER10. Sign up to TEAMS here!

User status

With User Status, anyone can add a custom status to their profile to let people know that they’re working on something, in a meeting, or out of the office. You can set this for a specific duration and automatically switch off notifications for that period.

This feature adds a custom icon next to your user profile. A custom emoji with highlighted text gives more information about your availability. Learn more about user status in this dedicated help guide.

TEAMS for everyone

Any user can now sign up for the TEAMS plan. Benefit from all the features in the TEAMS plan without needing to have a corporate domain (i.e. or We have created a special 10% discount for all teams that want to switch to an annual TEAMS plan in the upcoming week. Switching to TEAMS unlocks the following functionality:

  • Managers & admins: Change spaces to PRO, manage users and access new features.
  • Management dashboard: Summarize tasks that are being worked on and completed across spaces.
  • Active status: Highlight whether users in your team are currently active or not.
  • PRO spaces: Leverage advanced task management, scheduled messages, calendar integrations a pinboard and so much more with PRO spaces.
  • More & larger workspaces: Create more workspaces with up to 50 group spaces in each.
  • Custom Quick Connect, duplicate spaces, and so much more…

Grab your discount for the yearly plan while still available using the code OCTOBER10 and upgrade today!

Forwarding messages (mobile)

Want to share something across spaces? With the forwarding feature, you can share messages between spaces and avoid copy and pasting information.You can forward messages between your different spaces on mobile by following these steps:

  1. Select the message you want to forward by pressing on it for a few seconds
  2. Choose ‘forward’ from the option menu
  3. Search for the space where you want to forward to. Make sure to also select it.
  4. Your message is forwarded! Note that @ mentions will not always be recognized when forwarded. Uploaded documents that you forward will also be shared.

Faster object sharing (mobile)

We have now made it easier to move information from Rock to your contacts or other apps by sharing task, note, or topic links with seamless object sharing. You can share any object on mobile by following these steps:

  1. Browse to the object (task, note or topic) you’d like to share with anyone and look for the sharing icon in the top of the panel.
  2. Select “Share to other apps” in the option menu.
  3. Select the application you want to share the object or store it in the files section of your device.

Download the mobile app

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