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Product Updates


Invite people and get PRO and TEAMS features for free! The referral & credit program allows you to access paid functionality including automations, larger workspaces, advanced task management functionality and so much more!

This release also includes import from WhatsApp to quickly migrate chats and team members. Additionally, the Files mini-app now also supports a Miro integration: add your retrospectives, diagrams and brainstorming boards to any task, note or topic.

Check out this product release webinar where Nico and Greta from the Rock team go over all of the latest features.

Referral & Credit Program

Invite people to Rock and upgrade to PRO starter or TEAMS starter for free! Earn new credits for every successful invite and quickly upgrade to access premium functionality. Check out this announcement for more information on the referral program.

You can extend your rewards if you have enough credits. This means that you can continue using the PRO starter or TEAMS starter plan for free if you have enough credits saved up on your profile.

Referral & credit program details

We’ve made it easy to quickly earn points with the credit program. Here are three quick ways to earn credits:

  1. Invite new users and domains: Send your quick connect or invite link anywhere for people to join you on Rock. You can quickly earn a lot of credits with +1 credit for every new signup and +10 credits for every new corporate domain.
  2. Import chats from other tools: The chat import feature rewards you with +10 credits and allows you to directly invite your whole team. Receive +1 credits for every invited user during your import and +10 credits for every new domain that signs up to Rock.
  3. Master Rock and Integrate your tool stack: Integrate videoconferencing, file management, or import tasks to earn credits. You can also increase your credit count by starting to use tasks, notes, Tap to Organize, and other features.

Learn more about each activity in this help guide!

Referral program rewards

There are three available rewards in the referral program. Here’s what’s included in each plan:

  • PRO starter plan: 5 free PRO spaces and two workspaces with up to 20 spaces each for 1 month.
  • TEAMS starter plan: 10 PRO spaces, 3 workspaces with up to 50 spaces. Team management functionality, 2 managers (user + someone else in your team) for 1 month.
  • Extend the PRO plan If you are currently under the PRO plan, you can extend your plan for free by 1 month.

Reward availability for the Rock credit and referral program depends on your current plan:

  • PRO starter plan/extension [20 credits] -> This reward is available to free users and those who want to continue using PRO starter
  • TEAMS starter plan/extension [150 credits] -> This reward is available to free users, those on PRO & TEAMS starter and PRO purchasers.
  • Extend full PRO plan for an additional month [120 credits] -> Available to paid PRO purchasers.

There are currently no rewards for TEAMS purchasers, but we will be adding those very soon! You can learn more about the overall credit program in this dedicated product guide.

Import from WhatsApp

Keep discussions going without friction by importing your different 1:1 and group chats from WhatsApp to Rock. Import from WhatsApp is a handy feature to migrate a complete chat while directly inviting and assigning users to messages.

When importing information, Rock allows you to map WhatsApp user names with existing or new Rock users. This way everyone can keep ownership over their own messages.

Check out the import from WhatsApp product guide to seamlessly move over your WhatsApp chats to Rock.

Miro integration

Integrate Miro for free in the Files mini-app of every 1:1 or group space! Access collaborative whiteboards right from within Rock and attach them to any note, task, or topic.

This makes it easier to access your team retrospective, brainstorming docs, diagramming or meeting discussions.

You can also start new drawings right from within Rock. No more link sharing or endless folder searching!You can learn more about the Miro integration in the dedicated product guide.

Mobile updates ?

We have added a bunch of improvements to the mobile experience. This product release includes the following changes and fixes to mobile apps:

  • Referral program: Invite people and upgrade for free in return! You now receive credits for every new user you invite (+1 credit) with additional credits for new domains (+10 credits). There are also some rewards unique to mobile: download the app (+5 credits) and import contact book (+10 credits)
  • Import from WhatsApp: Import chats from WhatsApp and directly invite users while importing their messages. Continue the conversation without losing any of your documentation.
  • Miro integration: Add your collaborative whiteboards to the Files mini-app of any Rock space! Access your brainstorming docs, meeting discussions or creative whiteboards right from within your Rock space.
  • Bug fixes and smaller improvements: Specifically, we have been working on improvements for notifications on web and mobile throughout this and the upcoming release.

Download the mobile app

Questions about this release? Feel free to send us a message in the Rock Support & Updates space or open a space with us.

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