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Workspaces have arrived! With workspaces, you can easily group and manage spaces and people together in one place. Set up a workspace for your marketing team, a specific client, or any other functional team and give everybody access to the same spaces by sharing the workspace link. Invite people to your workspace and manage their permissions and access from your workspace settings.

This release also includes a Rock bot for Slack, pinboard across devices, and reminders to make sure you don’t miss important deadlines.

Read along to learn more about this release!


You can now organize your team and spaces in a single place with workspaces. Once you create a workspace, everyone is directly added to it. Quickly onboard new people to Rock and have them communicate and collaborate in multiple spaces without sending separate space invites.

workspaces on rock

Everyone you invite to a workspace will have access to all selected spaces. Workspaces allow you to get your team more organized in a bunch of different ways:

  • Add or remove spaces from a workspace so everyone has access to the right set of spaces.
  • Quickly invite users to your workspace with a workspace link or by email. You can add a pin code to entering your workspace as an additional security measure.
  • Manage user permissions for all spaces in a workspace with guest, member, or admin permissions for each user in your workspace.
  • Add, manage and remove users from your workspace with a dedicated user management panel.

Workspaces can be used in a lot of different ways. Here are some suggestions from the Rock team:

1. Communicate with your team

Most teams have multiple spaces where everyone from the team should be present. Think of an All-Hands for company announcements or a watercooler/random space where your team can share memes, GIFs, or non-work related topics. Each new workspace comes with 4 spaces to get things going with your team:

  • All hands: General communications, announcements and team discussions.
  • Random: Your very own water cooler space. Share GIFs, memes and get to know your team better!
  • Goals & Objectives: What are you trying to achieve as a team? Set milestones, goals and objectives and track them with this space.
  • Resource Center: Rock is all about documentation. Connect cloud file storage providers, upload documents and define company policies in notes or topics.

You can easily manage spaces once the workspace has been created. Add more spaces, adjust the template spaces, or remove them if you don’t need them.

2. Building communities with workspaces

Want to bring everyone together in a community? Workspaces are the solution you have been looking for! Each Rock space accommodates up to 500 people and can be used for messaging, topics, notes, tasks, and so much more!

Bring together your community on Rock with your workspace’s very own Quick Connect link or manually send email invites to the users you want to add to your community. Workspace admins can quickly make sure users have guest or member permissions in all spaces. Give a new moderator admin status in all spaces or remove a user if they are no longer welcome in the community.

3. Workspaces for different business functions

If you have different business functions in your team such as marketing, engineering, customer support, or operations - workspaces can make it so much easier to get things organized. Create workspaces by business function and invite relevant people to more easily manage your different workflows.

Quickly start new projects without sending invites as everyone in the workspace is directly added. New hires or team members can also be seamlessly added to the whole workspace, so they always have access to the spaces they need to be in.

4. Client and partner workspaces

Bring client attention and support to the next level with workspaces. Use multiple spaces for different activities and make sure that clients get the care and attention they deserve. Manage the members in a client workspace to make sure that the correct account manager, support or salesperson is connected with the client across spaces.

Workspaces across the free and paid plans

Workspaces are available for both the free and paid plans. While every free user gets 1 workspace with up to 10 spaces, paid plans get a higher limit on the number of workspaces and spaces that can be added to each. Here’s how it works:

  • FREE: 1 workspace with up to 10 Spaces
  • PRO: 3 workspaces with up to 20 Spaces
  • TEAMS5: 10 workspaces with up to 50 Spaces

TEAMS 10, 20 and 30 will have more workspaces with the same space limit. Curious to learn more about workspaces? Check out this dedicated guide.

Rock bot for Slack

Receive notifications on Slack for Rock updates. This Rock bot for Slack allows you to set up custom notifications in Slack when new tasks, notes or topics are created in Rock. You can also configure the bot to receive an update in Slack when a task, note or topic is edited on Rock.

The notification message on Slack you receive contains a direct link to Rock alongside some object details including the title, description and author of the new object. For object updates you receive a message with a direct link to the task, note or topic that was changed on Rock.

Curious to learn more about the Rock bot for Slack? Check out this dedicated product guide!

Note: Your space needs to be changed to PRO if you want to set up a Rock to Slack automation.

Pinboard across devices [PRO & TEAMS]

In addition to the pinboard feature on mobile launched with the previous release, you can now also pin items relevant to your space on web and desktop. The pinboard was added to Rock spaces to make it easier to document and centralize important communications.

You can store tasks, notes, messages, and so much more in a panel accessible to everyone in a space.

Pinboards can be a powerful tool for teams that are looking into setting up a dedicated knowledge base, releasing frequent announcements, have urgent activities that involve everyone in a space, or anything else that involves most users in a space.

You can access the feature in PRO spaces by clicking on the pin icon next to the space name. Curious to learn more about the pinboard? Check out this dedicated product guide for more information!


Don’t leave your tasks hanging with reminders! You can now set reminders on Tasks to receive a notification in advance of the official due date. There are currently 5 different reminders you can configure:

  • 5 minutes before the due date
  • 10 minutes before the due date
  • 30 minutes before the due date
  • 1 hour before the due date
  • 1 day before the due date

You can also select which user receives the reminder on a task. Note that only the assignees and the person setting the reminder will appear in the panel.If you want to select anyone else, you will have to add them as an assignee.

Mobile updates

We have added a bunch of improvements to the mobile experience.

This product release includes the following changes and fixes to the mobile apps:

  • Workspaces: Collaborate in more organized ways by organizing your team and spaces in a single place.
  • Reminders: Set custom reminders for tasks to never miss a deadline again!
  • Rock bot for Slack: Configure a Rock bot in your Slack space to receive notifications for updates to tasks, notes and topics on Rock.
  • A whole lot of bug fixes and smaller improvements.

Download the mobile app

Questions about this release? Feel free to leave us a message in the Rock Support & Updates space or open a space with us.

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