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Starting a new project with clients, partners or freelancers often requires too many tools that don’t easily connect to each other. This makes work between organizations unnecessarily difficult, time-consuming, and inefficient. To solve this, we built Rock which allows anyone to start collaborating on a project within seconds with messaging, tasks, and everything related to a project in one space.

With this program we set out a simple list of activities teams can do as part of this program. In return, you can earn credits, discounts, and free upgrades to the unlimited plan.

With your help, we can reach more people and inform a wide number of audiences about a better way of working. The best part? You are not just earning rewards towards the unlimited plan. Participating in the program also allows you to actively advocate for better collaboration and build out your business or personal brand.

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Upgrade for free or receive major discounts on a monthly or annual unlimited plan! Collect 200, 400 or 600 credits to redeem one of the available rewards.

Are you looking for significant discounts or want to upgrade for free? We now offer options that cater to everyone! Collect 200, 400 or 600 credits to redeem one of the available rewards, listed below. 👇

What new activities allow you to earn credits?

We defined a set of activities that teams and individual users do to receive rewards. We directly transfer credits to your account once an activity has been completed and verified from our side. Credits can be used to get a discount on your paid plan or upgrade for free. Get started.

Share valuable content on your channels: Receive 1 credit per shared post per channel. Quickly stack up credits by posting across channels or multiple times a week. Here are some example workflows that can be set up as part of the program:

  • Post 2 times a week on 3 different channels and earn 24 credits per month!
  • Post every week day on LinkedIn and earn 20 credits per month!

Feature Rock on your next newsletter edition: Add valuable content to your newsletter and engage your audience in a variety of ways. Think of for example linking to one of our content pieces, a product page or a space.new link. Receive 25 credits every time you add Rock in your newsletter! Get started!

Power your site with our webform: Collect data from your website visitors, streamline the workflow and earn credits by adding a custom Rock webform to your website! Receive 40 credits per live webform on your website. Get Started!

Reach a large audience: Are you an influencer or do your posts often gain a lot of attention? Quickly rack up thousands of credits by getting quality content in front of your audience! Rewards start at 200 credits, but you can earn up to 1000 credits with this activity!
For more details regarding posts that gain a lot of impressions, reach out to us!

Join the program today!

Ready to join the program? Open a space with us. Let us know how many credits you want to earn and we will help you get set up, share assets, and configure a custom flow.

Activities are not set in stone, if you have suggestions for other ways to earn credits you can reach out to us by creating a dedicated support space.

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