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No one wants to be tied to their work computer but sometimes you don't want to cut the cord completely. If you are working on a high-priority project or want to stay available in case an urgent issue pops up, you need a way to stay in touch.That’s where mobile apps can help. With mobile apps, you can leverage asynchronous work and step away from your desk or computer—whether you’re traveling, completing chores, or spending time outside—and get work done wherever you are.

Rock & roll: take the Rock app with you on your mobile device!

You’re not always near a computer but you might want to stay connected with your work and your team. Leave for errands, get coffee, or do other activities. Use Rock’s mobile app to keep an open line of communication for urgent work, questions, or discussions. With Rock, it’s easy to get things done while you’re on the go and you can truly work anywhere.The Rock mobile app offers the same features as the web and desktop versions so you can access everything you need while you are away from your computer. It is more than just a way to keep up with notifications on your smartphone. With the Rock mobile app, you can manage your tasks, send messages, update your notes, and so much more! Rock is ready to roll wherever and whenever you need to get work done.

Mobile features that keep up with you

Staying in the loop can be tricky when you are away from your desk, but the Rock mobile app makes it easy to check in when you need to.The mobile app lets you do the same things as the web and desktop apps. You can leverage different communication strategies with the same simple interface. Use the chat feature to quickly respond to questions, you can use audio messages to set reminders or make a note for yourself. you’re on a couch or a beach, the Rock app helps you keep an eye on projects and tasks. Remote work means that you don’t have to be at your desk all day. With Rock’s mobile app, you can take a break without completely disconnecting or you can manage things on the go.If you have a high-stakes project, you can track how progress is going with the tasks feature on the mobile app. You can edit tasks and leave comments from your mobile device. The mobile app also lets you choose between task views so you can get the best perspective on your to-do list.Rock’s mobile app also lets you quickly open up and reference your notes, so you can access all of your important information. To capture all your documentation, you can edit an existing note or create a new one. You can also access the files mini-app from your mobile device.

Smooth communication

Rock’s mobile app is multimodal (just like our desktop and web versions). While you’re away from your computer, you can pull up any urgent discussion on mobile with the @ mention anything function.For streamlined communication, the Rock mobile app makes messaging easy. You can respond to any message by swiping left for a quick reply. If a team member sends you an urgent message with new details, you can swipe right to copy the message. Then you can paste the message into a note or task to save the details for future reference.

Notifications that you control

Intuitive notification management and customizable settings are critical to avoiding burnout and stress. You can choose your settings in the Rock mobile app based on what works best for you. If you are taking time off of work, customize your notifications so you can fully unplug and relax.Check the boxes in your notification settings to indicate which notifications you want to get through email and which notifications to receive through the mobile app.

If you check your inbox regularly, you can get updates on tasks with upcoming deadlines, space invites, and other important activities. Mobile app notifications are a good fit for things that might require a quick response, like new messages or task assignments.All of Rock’s notifications are customizable, so you can rock out however you want. To prevent getting overwhelmed, you can decide if you want notifications when there are new messages in your groups or when someone tags you in a mention. You can also turn on notifications for when new tasks get assigned to you.

Remember to unplug

We love helping people get their work done. However, some things are more important than work. Your mental health is valuable and needs to be taken care of. That is why it is critical to be able to disconnect. Just because you can take your work with you everywhere does not mean that you should.

Mute your notifications if you want to disconnect for time off, after-work hours, and weekends. You should be in charge of your notification settings. That is why we make it easy to customize your settings.Rock has more great features coming to the mobile app so you can keep getting the most out of your work. We love to hear from you so reach out to the Rock team in the Rock Customer Support space for suggestions or questions!

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