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Are you creating new spaces on Rock? This product guide explains all you need to know about setting up communications with new 1:1 or group spaces. Rock allows you to create new spaces with anyone: your team, partners, volunteers, and freelancers.

On the FREE plan you can create up to 3 group spaces and an unlimited number of 1:1 spaces. The Unlimited plan allows you to create an unlimited number of group and 1:1 spaces.

Creating a new space

You can create a new space by pressing the blue ➕ button in the bottom left corner of your screen.  After pressing the button, you can choose whether you want to create a 1:1 or group space.

How to create a 1:1 space on Rock?

1:1 spaces are useful for direct communication with team members, partners, clients, freelancers, etc. You can invite anyone to open a 1:1 space with you either by email or phone number. Press ‘invite by phone’ if you want to invite someone by phone number.

The invite button turns blue after entering a valid number or email address. Press it to create a new 1:1 space.

📝Note: there is no way to invite more people to join a 1:1 space later. Create a group space and invite only one person if you plan to include more people in the conversation later.

If you enter an email, the user will receive an invitation in their inbox. When you enter a phone number, the invited number will receive a text message with the required steps to sign up or open a space with you.

How to create a group space on Rock?

You can work alone, with another person, or with multiple people in group spaces. Invite new members to the space later on if you have admin or member permissions.

Setting up your group space

When you press "Create Group Space,” a panel appears with some configuration options.

  • Select template: You can choose from a variety of template spaces if you want to set up your workflow quicker or if you want to see a space with some edited lists and steps to get started.

There are eight different options for template spaces that you can choose from:

  • Operations: manage day-to-day activities, tasks, and responsibilities.
  • Recruiting: Review candidates, set up interviews, and move to offer.
  • Product Roadmap: Prioritize feature requests and track your product development
  • Product Design: Discuss new features and design product improvements.
  • Marketing Campaign: discuss designs, content, and strategy with your team, freelancers or clients.
  • Engineering: Manage the different stages of the engineering process.
  • Project Management: manage projects from start to finish.
  • Customer Support: Complete tickets and keep customers happy with a customer support process that flows.

All template space characteristics can be changed after its creation, and you can create as many template spaces as you want. There are three main elements you can configure when creating a group space:

  • Space name: provide a display name for your space.
  • [Optional] Change space image: You can manually change the default space image to a different emoji (press the emoji icon ?) or upload an image from your device (press the cloud icon ☁️).
  • [Optional] Enter a description: Describe what kind of project, collaboration, or ongoing activities are being completed in your new space.

Different space configurations can be changed after creation, so you can always go back and change the space image, name, or description.

Inviting users to your group spaces

After creating the space, you will be prompted to invite new users by email or invite by a link to join you in the space.

  • Invite by link: copy the link and share it with anyone you want to invite to your space. Links can be reset in the future if you wish to disable link functionality at any point.
  • Email: add the email address of the people you want to invite. If they are not on Rock yet, they will receive an invitation to join the platform; if they are already on Rock, they will see the new space appear in the ‘All spaces’ panel.
  • Name: invite people by name if you already have another space open with them; this way, you don’t have to look for the correct email manually.

If you plan to add many people to a new space, you can paste up to 100 emails separated by comma, semicolon, space, or newlines to save time.

You can also use this method when the space has already been created, in case you want to make changes to your space before inviting people to join or if you're going to collaborate with more than 100 people.

User roles in group spaces

When inviting new people to your space, you can toggle between two different types of permissions:

  • Guest: Guests can chat, start video calls, and comment on tasks/notes/topics. If guests try to edit or create new tasks/notes/topics, their changes will not save.
  • Member: Members can invite new members and guests, create/edit/delete tasks/notes/topics, and link/unlink cloud storage providers.

📝 Note: users in a 1:1 space with you will have the same permissions as you. There is no way of changing their permissions in the 1:1 space.

After creating the group, you can upgrade members or guests to admin in the space settings. Admins can remove users and messages and manage user roles. Keep in mind that new admins can downgrade your permissions in the space, even if you are the creator of the space.

Missing a template or have any questions about creating spaces? You are always welcome to contact us in the Rock Team space for anything!

Questions & Answers

How many 1:1 spaces can I create?

You can open unlimited 1:1 spaces with new people on any plan.

How many group spaces can I create?

On the FREE plan you can create up to 3 group spaces. The Unlimited plan allows you to create an unlimited number of spaces.

How many people can I invite to my group spaces?

On the FREE plan you can invite up to 10 people per group space. The Unlimited plan allows you to invite an unlimited number of people to your spaces.

Can I invite users by phone number to a group space?

No, it is currently impossible to invite new users by phone to a group space. First, invite them to join a 1:1 space; then, you can add them by name.

My invitee has not received an email to join me on Rock; what should I do?

Ask the user to check their spam or promotion folders if they have not received anything within 15 minutes of the invite being sent out. If they are still not able to join your group space, you can also send them an invite link.If you invited the user to a 1:1 space and they are not receiving an email, ask them to sign up independently on Rock and check whether the space appears. If not, please reach out to us via the Rock Support space.

Someone invited me to a new space, but I couldn’t see it. What could have caused that?

Ensure you are on the ‘all spaces’ view and not in a folder. Additionally, make sure to ask the person who invited you to the space to enter the correct user details in their invitation.Refreshing the desktop, browser, or mobile app can help display the information.

I’m receiving unwanted space invites from someone. How do I stop this?

You can block a user by entering the space settings of a 1:1 space > more > block peer. Blocked peers cannot send you messages in a 1:1 space or anywhere else. If you want to unblock a user, switch to archived space > the users’ 1:1 space > space settings > more > unblock peer.

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