Create new projects in seconds with space templates by duplicating existing space configurations for future collaborations. Use templates for onboarding clients, managing marketing campaigns, organizing events and so much more.

Creating new templates

The number of templates you can create depends on your plan. Unlimited plan users can create up to 100 templates, while those on the free plan can only create up to 5 templates. Creating a template is easy - you can either convert an existing space or start from scratch.

Converting an existing space into a template

If you have an existing space that you'd like to turn into a template, simply access space settings and select "create template."

Note that admin permissions are required to convert an existing space into a template.

Select the icon and default space name of your template. You can choose what information you want to carry over to future copies:

  • Up to 50 tasks with lists and labels
  • All task descriptions
  • Up to 50 notes
  • Up to 50 topics
  • All pinned items

After you select “create” a new template is added under your quota. Note that you can still add new tasks, notes, and other objects after the template has already been created.

Creating a template from scratch

If you don't have an existing space you want to use as a template, you can create one from scratch by accessing your user settings. Simply navigate to the "templates" section and click "add" to create an empty template space.

Once created you can add new tasks, notes, etc, and modify the template according to the needs of your projects.

Once you click on the "add" option, the same configuration panel appears. Select the data that you wish to transfer to future duplicates (tasks, notes, topics…). Note that you can change this configuration in the future through the space settings of the template.

Creating new spaces from templates

After creating a template, you can easily access it from either the spaces overview or user settings.

To access templates from the spaces overview, click on the dropdown icon under your pinned spaces, scroll down, and select "templates" to see an overview of all your space templates.

You can also access your templates through user settings by clicking on the edit icon. This will take you to the same view as the spaces view dropdown where you can access your space templates.

Creating new spaces and editing

To make use of a template, navigate to the space settings of the desired template and select "Apply to new space". This will generate a new group space with the same configuration as the selected template, based on the information you chose to copy over.

To customize the information that is carried over to a new space, you can easily modify the template by updating the checkbox configurations in the space settings. Any new tasks, notes, or other objects created in the template space will be included in future copies.

However, it's important to note that any changes made to the original template will not affect the group spaces that have already been created from it.

Removing templates

Templates can be removed through the dedicated panel in user settings. Locate the template you want to remove, hover over it, and click on the delete icon. Note that once a template has been removed, it cannot be retrieved.

It's important to remember that if the template was created from an existing space, the space will still exist, and deleting the template won't affect it.

Similarly, any spaces created from a template won't be removed when you delete the original template.

Questions and Answers

Are spaces created from templates removed when I delete a template?

No, spaces created from templates are not removed when you delete the original template.

I’m on the free plan, do templates count toward my spaces quota?

Templates are not included in your space quota. However, it's important to note that the spaces you create using a template will count toward your space quota.

Can I invite people to edit a template space together?

Collaborative editing of a space template is not possible as it can have only one member. However, you can make the necessary edits by creating a group space, and later converting it into a template.

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