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Share Creative Cloud videos and images

Integrate with Adobe to seamlessly access your creative work
Rock files mini-app highlighting the Creative Cloud  IntegrationAdobe Creative Cloud integration highlight mobile

Access Adobe Creative Cloud files in a few steps

Step 1

Link with Creative Cloud

To authorize Adobe on your account, click 'Files' at the top of your space. Then select Creative Cloud.

Adobe only has to be authenticated to your account once.

Files mini-app Rock cloud integrations select Creative CloudRock Files mini-app select Creative Cloud integration
Step 2

Pick your Creative Cloud folder

Pick and choose what folders you want to add to each space.

All files and pages will be accessible to every space member with the correct Adobe permissions.

Adobe Creative Cloud select a folder to integrate in a spaceAdobe Creative Cloud integration select cloud files to add to spaces
Step 3

Ready to go!

You can now access your Creative Cloud documents through the Files mini-app.

Browse folders and quickly find creative work for your different projects.

Integrated Adobe Creative Cloud folder in a Rock collaboration spaceCompleted Adobe Creative Cloud integration in a Rock space
Highlight illustrations attachments in tasks from Adobe Creative Cloud

Pair Creative Cloud with tasks

Work more intuitively with tasks by attaching videos, print material, images and other assets from Adobe.

Integrate Creative Cloud files into your Project Management

Add Adobe folders to your 1:1 and group spaces to share designs with anyone on your team, clients, freelancers...

Questions & answers

Is the Adobe Creative Cloud integration for Rock free?

Our free Adobe integration allows you and other members to work together on projects in every space.

Design files can easily be attached to tasks, notes and topics for everyone to use the most updated versions.

How do I remove the Creative Cloud integration from Rock?

To deauthorize the Creative Cloud integration, go to user settings -> authorized apps and select 'disconnect.'

Do I need to give Adobe permission for each individual space?

When you set up your Adobe Creative Cloud account, you only have to authorize it once. After that you can simply add folders to any space where you either have admin privileges or are a member.

Is the Creative Cloud integration easy to use?

Yes, the Creative Cloud integration is easy to use. With a few clicks of you can quickly access Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Does the integration work for all Adobe products?

You can add all stored files from your creative cloud account to Rock. Quickly access any design materials or workflows with the Adobe integration on Rock.

Who can add Adobe files to my spaces?

Only users with either member or admin permissions can add a Creative Cloud folder to a space.

Users who only have guest permissions are able to view and access folders that were already uploaded, but they cannot upload new ones from their own account.

Is the Creative Cloud integration secure?

With Rock's Adobe Integration, not only are your projects secure, but authorized users are the only ones who can access them.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of creative applications and cloud services offered by Adobe Systems.

The software pack might include the latest versions of creative tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects and more.