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Your knowledge base directly integrated

Access Notion cloud files including wikis and docs from the Files mini-app in every Rock space.
Rock files mini-app highlighting the Notion IntegrationNotion integration highlight mobile

How to work with Notion on Rock

Step 1

Link Notion from the cloud services panel

To access your Notion files in a 1:1 or group space, click on the 'Files' tab at the top of the screen, then select 'Notion' from the list of available cloud integrations.

Rock cloud integration panel highlight Notion integrationRock Files mini-app select Notion from the available integrations
Step 2

Select the relevant files

Set up the desired spaces for individual folders to be displayed. All of your spaces have unlimited, free cloud integrations.

Notion add relevant folders in the Files mini-app of a spaceNotion integration select cloud files to add to spaces
Step 3

Notion is now available to everyone

The Files mini-app allows you to quickly access any Notion document you need.

You can browse through larger folders to locate specific files, or easily navigate to your Notion account.

Notion example of an integrated folder in an announcement spaceNotion successful integration example for mobile
Task example with a Notion user journey file attached

Notion in every task

Linking Notion to user tasks makes staying efficient and productive so much easier.

Your knowledge base fully integrated with work

Keep your most important wikis and docs easily available by integrating Notion to Rock.

Questions & answers

Can I use the Notion integration for free?

The Notion integration is free to use. You can add new folders to different spaces or allow other team members to share their cloud information in your project spaces.

Can I remove my Notion integration from Rock?

To disconnect cloud storage integrations, go to the "Authorized Apps" panel in your user settings. To access it, click on your profile image in the top left corner and select "Authorized Apps".

From there, you can remove any tools that you no longer want to use.

Where can I learn more about the Notion integration?

There is a dedicated product guide available for learning more about the Notion integration.

If you are looking for documentation on other integrations, there is a dedicated page with a variety of help guides available.

What is Notion?

Notion is a productivity a tool that allows users to create and manage notes, wikis and other files. It can be used for managing team communications, knowledge-bases and so much more.

Can I integrate multiple cloud storage providers?

Yes. In addition to Notion you can add various tools, such as Google Drive, Figma, and Miro, to your account for free. Check out the dedicated page to learn more about the available cloud file integrations.

Can anyone add Notion to my space?

Users must have member or admin permissions to add Notion folders. Guests can view stored files, but they cannot upload new ones. Note that users must have the necessary permissions on Notion to access the attached cloud files.

Why should I connect Notion to my account?

Rock's Notion integration allows you to access important files without leaving the app. Securely share documentation with other members or external parties, such as clients, freelancers, partners, or volunteers, at no additional cost.

Is the Notion integration safe?

The security of your data is an important concern when using any feature, including the Notion integration. The integration is completely safe and requires user permissions in the Notion app for access.