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Works with Google Meet

Start a Google Meet video chat in every space for free
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How to get started with Google Meet

Step 1

Add Google Meet to your integrations

To use Google Meet in every space, select it from the Meetings mini-app and authorize the integration.

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Step 2

Define your meeting

Add a meeting topic and description to your next meeting to give space members more context.

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Step 3

Instant meeting functionality

Start your meeting with a link in the chat. Our Google Meet integration is intuitive, and easily accessible in every space.

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Pair Google Meet with Notes

Never forget another meeting detail again by automatically creating a Note in Rock to document action items and meeting minutes.

You can quickly summarize, discuss, and share key information in one centralized location that's easy to refer back to.

Add Google Meet to your account for free

Start unlimited new meetings while combining chat with tasks, notes, and files in a single place.

Questions & answers

Is the Google Meet integration free?

The integration is free, available in every space and part of the Meetings mini-app. You can start a meeting when messages, tasks or notes are not enough to get work done.

Will I need to set up Google Meet for each individual space?

You only have to integrate Google Meet with Rock once. After that, you can use it in any space on the account.

When is the best time to start a Google Meet meeting?

If you need to discuss something more in-depth than what chat, tasks, topics or notes allow, start a Google Meet meeting.

We have added meeting integrations to every space so that you can communicate most efficiently when really needed.

Is the Google Meet meeting accessible to everyone in my space?

By clicking on the generated link, any Google Meet meeting you start can be joined by members, guests, or admins.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a reliable and user-friendly videoconferencing provider.

The platform makes it easy for anyone with a Google account to create and attend virtual meetings, which has contributed to its popularity.

Is it possible to start meetings with other videoconferencing providers?

If your team has a preference for another tool, we have free videoconferencing integrations available for Zoom, Jitsi and Loom. All spaces come equipped with these integrations.

Is the integration with Google Meet secure?

You can trust our integration to be both reliable and secure. All functionality adheres to Google Meet's Acceptable Use Policy.