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Instant Loom Access

Integrate with Loom and share screen recordings and videos
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How to share your Loom recordings on Rock

Step 1

Select Loom in the Meetings mini-app

Pick Loom from the available integration options.

Record without an account or sign in to Loom store your videos and access longer recordings.

Select Loom from the Meetings mini-app panel with options Google Meet, Zoom and LoomMeeting integration panel Loom highlight
Step 2

Configure your Loom

Configure how want to record your Loom.

Select whether you want to add a recording and audio for every new clip.

Jitsi Meet integration on Rock how to configure your next meetingLoom video configuration panel
Step 3

Share the Loom recording

Send the Loom URL in chat. Anyone who clicks on the link will be able to watch your recording.

Loom share video on Rock functionality in Chat mini-app interfaceSpace example with a Loom shared in the Chat mini-app on Rock
Highlight task comments to share loom recording for additional context

Pair with comments

Working on a topic, task or note? Add a Loom recording instead of a written response when commenting to provide more context.

Share asynchronous video in every space with Loom

Adopt more asynchronous workflows by sharing Looms when chat, tasks, notes or files are not cutting it.

Questions & answers

Is the Loom integration free?

Accessing the loom integration is completely free. Log in to your account to store your videos in a central place. If you have a paid Loom account, then logging in will also increase the recording limit.

Is the Loom integration for every space?

The Loom integration is available in every Rock space! This includes 1:1, group, and even your personal space. You can use it to share asynchronous videos or document information with others.

How can I disconnect my Loom account from Rock?

Go to user settings -> integrations if you’re looking to remove the Loom integration. If you want more information on how to use our Loom integration, check out this dedicated product guide.

When should I use Loom?

You can communicate easily and without a meeting by using Loom to record your screen, provide context with video, and share useful information.

Videos are stored meaning anyone can look back for them and watch them unlimited times, making them a very valuable resource.

Can everyone in my space access the Loom recording?

Yes, the Loom recording is accessible to everyone in the space. Share the URL in a 1:1 space if you wish to only share it with one person.

What is Loom?

Loom is a software for screen recording and video sharing. It was designed to provide more context, guidance and documentation.

Users can record their screen on computer or mobile and create quick videos with voice-over narration. The recordings can then be shared with others and watched again unlimited times.

What other meeting solutions does Rock offer besides Loom?

If you need more than a Loom video, don't worry! You can always arrange a meeting. Rock also integrates with other platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and Jitsi so that you can easily connect with others.

Do I have to pay to use the Loom integration?

The Loom integration is completely free and can be accessed from the Meetings mini-app in every space. Record unlimited videos and share them with your team, clients, partners or freelancers.