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Instant Jitsi meetings

Use Jitsi for free and connect with video chats in every space.
Rock collaboration space highlighting the Jitsi integrationRock Jitsi integration highlight on chat

How to set up your next Jitsi meeting

Step 1

Select Jitsi in the Meetings mini-app

Select the video icon in your chat interface and pick Jitsi from the available videoconferencing providers.

Select Jitsi from the Meetings mini-app panel with options Google Meet, Zoom and LoomRock Meetings mini-app panel highlighting Jitsi
Step 2

Configure your meeting

Name your Jitsi meeting room, add a description and attach a meeting note if needed.

Jitsi Meet integration on Rock how to configure your next meetingJitsi meeting configuration on Rock
Step 3

Join the Jitsi meeting

Never worry about forgetting your credentials again. With Jitsi you can join a meeting without an account.

Instant meeting functionality for Jitsi on RockExample standup meeting for Jitsi shared in Rock chat
Highlight meetings mini-app how to pair with notes in Google Meet integration

Pair Jitsi with Notes

Automatically creating a Note in Rock enables you to document action items and meeting minutes in a centralized and easily accessible place.

Compile key information in one place and quickly summarize, discuss, and share it with anyone.

Low-barrier meetings with the Jitsi integration

Jitsi meetings don’t require a dedicated account. Get together and discuss with this integration in every space.

Questions & answers

Is the Jitsi integration free?

Access the Jitsi integration for free in every space through the Meetings mini-app. This is perfect for those times when chat, tasks, notes and files just aren't enough.

Do I need to set up Jitsi for every 1:1 and group space?

You don’t have to integrate anything at all! Jitsi operates without accounts, meaning that a meeting link is directly sent into a space when you select Jitsi.

When is Jitsi a good videoconferencing option?

You can use Jitsi when meeting with people who don’t have a Google or Zoom account.

This way they can still connect with youIt can also be a good solution if you’re looking for free or open-source solutions for your meetings.

Can anyone in my space join the Jitsi meeting?

Anyone who is a user in your 1:1 or group space can join the meeting when they click on the automatically created Jitsi link

What is Jitsi?

Jitsi Meet is a free and open-source video conferencing platform that allows people to create virtual meetings.

The platform is simple and does not require any downloads or special software, making it a popular choice for remote teams who want to stay connected without paying fees.

Can I work with any other meeting software to Rock?

Instead of Jitsi you can also access integrations with Zoom, Google Meet and Loom for free on Rock. Access them by clicking on the Meetings mini-app in every space.

Is Jitsi a secure videoconferencing solution?

Jitsi encrypts all of its audio and video traffic on the network using DTLS-SRTP. Learn more about security practices at Jitsi by checking out their dedicated page.