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Fosca Cordidonne started using Rock a little over a year ago. Rock became her go-to project management and messaging platform after an online search for alternatives.

"I find Rock to be far superior to any other tool I've tried (and I assure you I've tried pretty much all of them!)" says Fosca.

Fosca works as a UX/UI designer and low-code developer. As a digital artisan she focuses on creating digital experiences for startups, small businesses and other clients. Her projects include websites and other personalised digital products and experiences.

In her free time she enjoys retrogaming and pizza, something very typical for creative and low-code freelancers, she says!

Reliable and all-in-one functionality makes it easier for freelancers like Fosca to get work done

Fosca says that what makes Rock great for her is the combination of tasks, messaging, and files in a single tool. Many other popular tools do not have that all-in-one approach. Most tools either focus on project management or on communication but not both at once.

Quick and personal support is also a highlight of Fosca’s experience on Rock: ‘Last but not least, the best support experience I have ever had! The team continually seeks feedback from its users and is so easy to get in touch with.’

Day-to-day client management becomes a breeze with all-in-one messaging

When working with many different clients as a freelancer, collaborating through different channels can become a real challenge.

As soon as I started freelancing for startups, I realized that I urgently needed a platform where I could easily save documents, assign tasks and communicate with my clients.

Getting work done in one place is the safest way to make sure that nothing gets missed out. It also helps keep everyone on the same page. Fosca creates a space for every client or organization she works with.

She continues all communication, collaboration, tasks, and file sharing in that dedicated space. This way everything can be accessed easily by all parties involved.

Her clients often start using Rock as well. Fosca says, I show clients how to use Rock, they become autonomous and start creating tasks, notes or topics themselves. Clients get used to Rock and the collaboration within the platform becomes even smoother. Because Rock is very intuitive and simple to use, clients get on board in no time!

Rock + Notion + Cosmos is all Fosca needs to manage her client communication and collaboration

Three online platforms are crucial for Fosca’s online communication and collaboration. She uses a combination of Rock, Notion and Cosmos to document information, give work updates and connect in-person when needed.

Cosmos is a virtual office where Fosca and her clients meet up synchronously. Often used by remote and hybrid teams, Cosmos creates personal experiences and a sense of belonging to the remote workers.

New users can create avatars, personalize their office space and mingle with others. It gives a great personal touch when communicating in remote environments!

Fosca uses Notion for file storage and documentation. Clients can quickly access relevant project information, design wiki’s and important docs in an organized manner.

Rock offers a Notion integration which allows users to add project information directly into the Files mini-app. This way freelancers like Fosca can quickly share new updates with clients, and even attach Notion files to tasks.

Rock brings everything together with integrated messaging and tasks. The combination of Cosmos + Notion + Rock allows freelancers to truly balance synchronous and asynchronous work.

This combination allows Fosca to reduce the number of apps she uses on the daily, and collaborate in a few places only!

What Rock functionality should freelancers check out?

Fosca highlights two features to check out for freelancers: the Topics mini-app and calendar view in the Tasks mini-app.The Topics mini app can be a powerful ally for freelancers.

‘It’s great to have conversations organized by topic inside a space. It gives our communication more structure.

The Topics mini-app can be compared to threads, but more organized. It works well when you aim to discuss things asynchronously, as everyone can respond to a topic in their own time and still keep it well structured!

You can also quickly find information or discussions back as you don’t have to scroll past thousands of messages. You can learn more about the Topics mini-app here.

Fosca also recommends checking out the calendar view in the Tasks mini-app. Time management is essential for freelancers and the calendar view helps to improve it. It allows freelancers to keep track of important deadlines or show deliverable dates to clients with a timeline.

It is also possible to create, edit and filter tasks from the Calendar View which enhances your overview on projects.

How to get started with Rock as a freelancer

Fosca recommends Rock to any freelancer who is looking for a reliable and feature-rich tool: ‘Explore Rock, there are many features that you haven't even noticed yet!

Some tips from Fosca for freelancers who are starting to transform their work via Rock:

  • Read guides on the help center: Rock has a lot of helpful material on how to use different mini-apps. Also, you can find step-by-step guides on integrations or imports from other tools.
  • Bring your clients to Rock: centralize your communication by creating a dedicated space for each client. You can easily do that by sharing your Quick Connect link. Bring in a personal touch in your interactions by combining Rock with tools like Cosmos.
  • Help clients become autonomous: once your clients are familiar with Rock, your work becomes so much easier! Help them to get on board by setting up a short session to introduce them to Rock. Alternatively, share relevant materials on getting started.
  • Make use of cloud storage integrations: file sharing is important for any freelancer! Integrate your preferred storage tool. Besides Notion, you can integrate Figma, Google Drive, ACC, Dropbox and more.

Fosca’s first-hand experience shows that freelancers can enhance their productivity and go headache-free by using the all-in-one approach on Rock. Bringing your clients to one platform saves time and allows you to focus on the results!

If you would like to get to know more about Fosca’s work or/and her experience on Rock, feel free to get in touch with her via Rock, Linkedin, Instagram or Behance.

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